Band Crush Wednesday


For the first Band Crush Wednesday on the new site, I wanted to write about a band that released one of my favorite albums of 2014, Dying Out Flame. Taking their name from the Hindu tradition of cremation and the last phase of the burning of a corpse, and self-described as ‘Hindu/Vedic Death Metal’, Dying Out Flame hail from Kathmandu, Nepal and play death metal that would fit perfectly playing alongside a band like Nile or Krisiun. Utilizing sanskrit chants, traditional Indian hand drums and stringed instruments, Dying Out Flame released their first album, Shiva Rudrastakam, to rave reviews from the handful of outlets that discovered it.

The band started out as a typical technical death metal band in 2011. Tired of sounding like everyone else and wanting to do something with a more positive outlook, the band started to incorporate Hindu mythologies, Vedic literature, and classical music. “This change of approach came not to reach new people but to write simple and deliver better with extra elements in the music that would stick in the listeners’ head without offending anyone. We try just to better ourselves and to become as honest with our music and philosophy as possible”, says vocalist/bassist Aabeg Gautam in an interview with Death Metal Nepal.

In April, a massive earthquake hit Kathmandu and Aabeg ended up missing. He finally turned up after spending 8 days in a hospital after one of the walls of his house fell on him during a tremor. Unfortunately, Aabeg is now homeless, but continues to write and perform with Dying Out Flame and even started working on some solo material.

You can check out Dying Out Flame at:
Dying Out Flame on Facebook
Shiva Rudrastakam on Xtreem Music’s Bandcamp


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