Since there is no interview this week, I thought I would post about some cool things being done in the world of metal and the Simpsons. These are all things I think are worth your time and/or money. If you’re a fan of this site at all, you’ll definitely find something you’ll like in this list. Anytime I do this, I’ll try to limit it to 2 or 3 each from metal and Simpsons related things, that way it’s not a big overload all at once. I hope you find something you like!

Black Metal Of The Americas

bmotaBlack Metal Of The Americas is a Chicago based zine focusing on the black metal scene in North and South America. Featuring interviews with bands, album reviews, and essays, the 75-80 page zine is always full of great, well written material. They recently released issue 8, which features interviews with members of Vattnet Viskar, Immortal Bird, Vile Creature, Woman Is The Earth, and artist Chuck BB. You can pick up a physical copy for just $5 and even free PDF files. Grab a copy HERE!

Full Metal Hipster


Full Metal Hipster is a podcast by Shayne Mathis. A complete labor of love for Shayne, the podcast is a mix of music and interviews, the podcast is a way for Shayne to support the underground metal scene and the bands he likes. Featuring interviews with Paul from Twilight Fauna, Dustin from Old Thunder, Dan Jackson from Void Ritual, Justin Lascelle from Axeslasher, Vic and KW from Vile Creature, and Ed from Black Metal Of The Americas, it’s always a fascinating listen. There are also a couple of episodes that Shayne does solo, just him talking about and playing songs from some of his favorite up and coming bands. You can check out the podcast HEREShayne was even nice enough to have me on episode 9 to talk about Xtapolapometal and all things The Simpsons!

Metalcakes/Faberge Egg Salad

Metalcakes logo

Metalcakes is a blog of cupcake recipes inspired by metal bands/music. Created by Kathy Bejma, the blog features lots of information about the bands on top of the recipes and instructions on the cupcakes Kathy creates. It’s also nice that she sometimes adds vegan alternatives to some of the recipes. Most recent cupcake recipes are inspired by Inter Arma, Jex Thoth, Bolt Thrower, Entombed, Hellhammer, and Axeslasher (the Axeslaher one is actually a pizza cupcake!). You can check out Metalcakes HERE!


Kathy Bejma also has a blog called Faberge Egg Salad that consists of recipes to make different foods found on The Simpsons. Featuring recipes for Marge’s Homemade Pepsi, The Flaming Homer, Dr. Hibber’s ‘Wowwipops’, and Homer’s Patented Space-Age Out Of This World Moon Waffle. Kathy also marks some of the recipes that are vegetarian as “Lisa Friendly”, which is genius. You can check out Faberge Edd Salad HERE! 

As a bonus, I wanted to share a benefit released on Bandcamp this week in support of the Nepal Earthquake Relief. For only $1, you get 18 songs from bands from Nepal, including this weeks Band Crush Wednesday, Dying Out Flame. It’s a great compilation for a great cause. Check it out and donate HERE!


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