Band Crush Wednesday: Dayton, Ohio Edition

For this weeks Band Crush Wednesday, I wanted to highlight a couple bands from my hometown of Dayton, Ohio.


First up is blackened doom metal band, Choking. Forming this year and already releasing a demo and a full length, Choking are bringing massive riffs and negativity to Dayton. Consisting of Ryan Mattox on guitar/vocals, Max Otworth on drums, and Matt Rose on bass, the bands selt-titled full length is 3 songs of crushing doom that is a must hear for fans of Conan, Beneath Oblivion, Sea Bastard, and Primitive Man. Both their demo and full length are available for Pay What You Want on Bandcamp, but you should definitely throw some money their way. I’d love to see these guys be the metal band to break out of Dayton and do big things.

Choking on Bandcamp

neon-warshipSecond is Neon Warship, a three piece stoner rock/metal band that has released one self-titled full length in 2013. Consisting of Kevin Schindel on guitar/vocals, Matt Tackett on bass, and Jay Bird on drums, the band has been around since 2011 and (I think) are currently working on a new album. Neon Warship would appeal to fans of 70’s hard rock bands, The Sword, St. Vitus, and Ghost BC. Their one album is on Bandcamp for Pay What You Want, but again, you should throw some money their way if you like what you hear.

Neon Warship on Bandcamp
Neon Warship on Facebook

flesh warfare

Finally, a band I got to see once opening for Full Of Hell/Weedeater, is the band Flesh Warfare. Playing a style of old school death metal and thrash that had it’s hay day when their parents were teenagers, they completely nail the sound of early Death and Morbid Angel. The three members, Reegan Wenning on drums, Nash Walkup on guitar/vocals, and Jesse Creekbaum on bass/vocals, have recorded a handful of songs but haven’t had an official release yet (I think you can buy some songs on their Reverb Nation ). I look forward for them to release an album because they blew me away at the Weedeater show.

Flesh Warfare on Facebook


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