Eye On Springfield: Kathy Bejma Of Metalcakes/Faberge Egg Salad

eye on springfield

If you read my Smartline post a couple weeks ago, you already know that Kathy Bejma runs two blogs dealing with recipes, Metalcakes and Faberge Egg Salad. Metalcakes consists of cupcake recipes inspired by metal bands like Bolt Thrower, Hellhammer, Axeslahser (which is a pizza cupcake!), and Inter Arma. Faberge Egg Salad on the other hand deals with real world recipes of foods seen on The Simpsons, like Marge’s homemade Pepsi, Martin’s Raisin Roundies, and Homer’s Patented Space-Age Out Of The World Moon Waffles. Both blogs even have vegan/vegetarian alternatives when applicable (Faberge Egg Salad labeling them as Lisa Simpsons Approved).

Kathy was the first person outside of people I already knew to be into this blog and what I am doing so I’m really excited to share this interview with her.

What is your history with The Simpsons?
I actually do remember watching them on The Tracey Ullman show (I’m old). I thought they were so weird looking, but Bart was such a cool rebel! Haha!
I also remember buying a Simpsons sweatshirt at Meijer when I was in second grade. It had all of them on the front with their names underneath, and a big family photo on the back. The kids at Latch-Key were impressed with Marge’s hair.
When those “I’m Bart Simpson, who the hell are you?” shirts came out, my mother was shocked an appalled.
So of course I wanted one really badly. I had to compromise with a door-sized poster of Bart saying “Stay out of my room, man!”
I love that the show kind of got smarter and grew up, and that I got to grow up with it over the years. The Simpsons and Saturday Night Live (the Chris Farely, Jan Hooks, Phil Hartman, Mike Myers years) have probably had the biggest influence on my sense of humor.
Who is your favorite character from the show? Who do you relate to the most?
I like Jasper Beardly and Hank Scorpio at lot, but I relate mostly to Milhouse. I’m a socially-awkward underdog, and I can’t see anything without my glasses. “Who’s talking?”
Do you have a favorite character to quote?
Jasper is probably the character I quote the most. I say “What a time to be alive,” and “You sunk my Battleship” on a regular basis.
But I also use Moe’s “For the love of crumb cake!”, Krusty’s “Yes I was drinking gasoline, MOTHER!”, and Snake’s “Goodbye student loan payments!” a lot, too.
You run a blog with recipes based off food that has appeared on the show. What made you want to start the blog?
Well, food in cartoons always looks so delicious to me! Like the Teenage Mutant Ninja’s turtles’ extra cheesy pizza, the Reptar Bars on Rugrats that turn your tongue green, and Garfield’s lasagna.
So I decided I wanted to make some Homer Doughnuts one day, and the blog began. A lot of the stuff I create is food based. When I was in film school, all the films I made were about food. I guess it’s good to have a permeating theme!
Would you ever eat Million Dollar Birthday Fries straight off of Moe’s head?
Heck yeah I would!! But I would try to eat them quickly, to save Moe from severe scalp burns.
Lucky for Moe, I don’t have a twin.
Do you have a favorite guest star?
Rodney Dangerfield as Larry Burns is the best! “This guy’s got more bread than a prison meatloaf! I’ve never seen a house with a walk-in mailbox before. Hey! Who am I talkin’ to?” It’s definitely one of my top 5 favorite episodes.
I also love ALL of Jon Lovitz’s characters. “The review ‘Play enjoyed by ALL’ speaks for itself.”
Who from the world of metal would you love to see guest on the show?
Maybe Fenriz making a cameo appearance at the Springfield Post Office.
They’ve already had Spinal Tap on, but maybe they could do some kind of Venom vs. Spinal Tap fight. That would be a pretty funny cartoon battle.
But with Harry Shearer gone, it would be difficult.
When Cyanide (a loving tribute to Poison) plays at Otto’s wedding, and the drummer yells “We need a ride home!” Yeah, that cracks me up every time! But I don’t think they could have handled the real Cianide, who have nothing at all to do with Poison, and they probably don’t play a lot of weddings.
You’ve posted a lot of pictures of Simpsons patches and buttons. Do you have a favorite one?
Oh man… Don’t make me choose just one!!
I like my “Put Food In Me” pin and my Lenny & Carl Yin Yang a lot. But I just got this glow-in-the-dark Friday night Mr.Burns patch from Mike McCabe that I’m super excited about. I’m working on a battle vest to wear to Simpsons Trivia every month. That’ll intimidate my opponents (not really)!
Do you still watch the show? If not, do you remember what made you stop watching?
I don’t watch the show anymore. I’m a fan of seasons 1-10. There are 2 or 3 episodes I like in season 11, but that’s it.
I stopped watching when the jokes weren’t clever anymore. More times than not, I was laughing because I was uncomfortable, not because it was actually funny. I feel like things started to take a turn for the worse with the Armin Tamzarian episode. It’s not a bad episode, and there certainly are some really funny jokes in that episode (Armin’s copy of Swank! Armin’s frozen peas!), but it was a weird, kinda lazy, story line. It was the beginning of the end of the glory days of The Simpsons.
Now it’s just not funny, they have too many trendy guest stars just crammed into episodes for no reason, and Homer has become a full-fledged jerk-ass. He’s gotten too mean and abusive to be funny.
I’m a big fan of Bob’s Burgers though! And speaking from a Feminist point of view, Linda and Bob are far more equal partners than Homer and Marge. Also, there are a lot more poop jokes on Bob’s Burgers, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Hahaha!
How would you like to see the series end?
Even though I’m not a big fan of season 11, I feel like the last episode of that season “Behind The Laughter,” should have been the last episode of the series.
But if they were going to end the show today, maybe they could all drive off a cliff like The Young Ones.
You can find Kathy and her blogs at:

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