Welcome to Smartline! The time I’m going to be posting about metal trivia and a Simpsons podcast trying to find the worst episode of the show ever.

The Metal: Skull Toaster


Skull Toaster is metal trivia created by Seth Werkheiser. It consists of an interactive Twitter account and a nightly email with a more in depth answer to the trivia question. There have been over 700 questions sent out about everyone from old school metal like Anthrax and Megadeth to newer bands like Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Converge. Periodically, there will even be giveaways for answering questions right through the Twitter account. Recent giveaways have included CD copies of High On Fire’s Luminiferous and Royal Thunder’s Crooked Doors.

Seth has even started a physical mail pen pal list where he’ll match you up with someone else signed up for the list. To find out more about the Heavy Metal Pen Pal Club, you can find more into HERE.

You can find out everything about Skull Toaster and it’s contributors at the Skull Toaster website. Also, if you like what you see and feel generous, you can support Seth’s work with Skull Toaster by backing his Patreon!

The Simpsons: Worst Episode Ever Podcast

Worst Episode Ever is a podcast “for people who love The Simpsons about how much we hate The Simpsons.” Hosted by Dan and Jack, the podcast focuses on ‘post-classic episodes’, namely seasons 11 to current, all in the goal to find the worst episode of the show. So far the show has done 37 episodes of The Simpsons (and one episode of Empty Nest) including some fan’s least favorites like Lisa Goes Gaga, The Man Who Came To Be Dinner, and Saddlesore Galactica. I adore this podcast. It’s funny, smart, and sometimes totally off the wall.

You can find out all about Worst Episode Ever HERE, including their Twitter and Facebook accounts and how to help Dan and Jack fund the podcast.


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