Band Crush Wednesday

julie christmas

This weeks Band Crush Wednesday is about the singer Julie Christmas and her various bands. There are very few vocalists as versatile and original as Julie Christmas. From the avant weirdness of Made Out Of Babies to the heartbreaking emotions of Battle Of Mice, Julie’s voice is equally bombastic, brutal, and beautiful.

Made Out Of Babies, Julie’s most well known band, was formed in 2005. Like the rest of her bands, the sound is hard to categorize. Drawing comparisons to noise-rock band The Jesus Lizard and having a chaotic live show, Made Out Of Babies garnered a cult following with their three full lengths, Trophy, Coward, and The Ruiner. Made Out Of Babies disbanded unceremoniously in 2012.


In 2005, while touring with Made Out Of Babies, Julie met guitarist/keyboardist Josh Graham (from Neurosis, Red Sparrowes, A Storm Of Light), and formed Battle Of Mice. Having a less chaotic sound than Made Out Of Babies, Battle Of Mice recorded one full length, A Day Of Nights, that is basically a document of the disillusionment of the on and off again relationship between Julie and Josh. It’s a breathtaking and uncomfortable (one song actually containing a real life 911 call) listen that is utterly captivating.


Following the break up of both Made Out Of Babies and Battle Of Mice, Julie Christmas released a solo album, entitled The Bad Wife. Featuring collaborators from Dub Trio, Candiria, Made Out Of Babies, and Sylacopa, the album is intimate, sometimes almost ballad like. Since the release of The Bad Wife, Julie Christmas has dropped out of the music scene to raise her child, only reappearing on the newest Spylacopa album, Parallels. 

The video above is the song Generation Of Ghosts by the band Mouth Of The Architect. Julie Christmas provides some vocals on it.

To check out Julie Christmas and her various releases, check out:

Made Out Of Babies on Neurot Records
Battle Of Mice on Neurot Records
Julie Christmas on Bandcamp
Spylacopa on Bandcamp


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