Eye On Springfield with GeeGee Bradley

eye on springfield

GeeGee Bradley is a staple in the Dayton music scene. He was playing in bands when I was a junior in high school (1998), and is still playing in bands to this day. I used to spend hours hanging out at the CD shop he worked at, taking about Faith No More and The Misfits and Danzig. Today, GeeGee is playing bass in a punk band, Legbone, that’s basically been in Dayton since the dawn of time. He also helps run an indie wrestling promotion called Rockstar Pro Arena, and helps book shows in the same space. Bringing in bands like Corrections House, Weedeater, Full Of Hell, Raven, and Battlecross, GeeGee is one of the few people bringing metal to my hometown. I’ve spent 17-18 years nerding out with GeeGee over punk and metal, The Simpsons, and Batman and I’m excited to introduce him to anyone who reads this.

What is your history with The Simpsons?
My history with the Simpsons is just my history.  I grew up with the show.  I’m old enough to remember when the Simpsons was a sketch on the Tracey Ullman Show.  I’ve been watching through all 26 seasons.  I still have an old VHS tape I recorded a bunch of episodes on in the days before Season DVD box sets and FXX basically becoming the Simpsons channel.

Is there a character you relate to more than the others?

Regular cast?  I guess Lisa.  The under-appreciated, overlooked, nerdy, liberal-thinking, vegetarian, musician, underdog.  Her politics are pretty in step with my own.  She, sometimes, feels like the only sane person in a world of crazy.  I can relate.

Who is your favorite character?

Oh, wow!  I love the entire ensemble!  I always feel Homer is the heart of the show.  He’s the center of their comedy universe.  Most of the gags are at his expense but you can’t help but root for him.  He’s the everyman:  the overweight, balding, not-so-bright average American but, damn it, he’s doing the best he can and, despite his sometimes abusive relationship with Bart, he really cares & wants to do right for his family.  I’m always entertained by the antics of Moe.  He’s the lovable asshole.  Burns, Smithers & all the nuclear plant employees, the elementary school staff, Apu, the Flanders (RIP Maude), the Lovejoys, Barney, the Springfield government & cops, their local tv personalities… they all lampoon middle America so brilliantly.  I love when Kang & Kodos show up every Halloween!  I also really have a soft spot for Abe.

Do you have a favorite episode(s)?

As I just referred to, I love the Treehouse of Horrors episodes.  I love the Paul McCartney/Lisa goes vegetarian episode.  Homerpalooza.  I love when Homer eats the Insanity peppers and sees a red wolf with the voice of Johnny Cash as his spirit animal.  Of course, when the Ramones played Mr. Burns’ birthday party.  There are so many but those are the first that come to mind.  Oh, the recent hipster episode was pretty great.  They used Screeching Weasel’s “Cool Kids.”

Do you have a favorite guest star from the show?
All the ones I just mentioned, John Waters, Bret Hart, whenever Kelsey Grammer is on as Sideshow Bob.  There a million more I’ll remember later & be pissed I didn’t mention them.  haha

Who from the world of metal do you think would fit on the show?
Weird & wonderful question!  Wow!  Someone iconic like Ozzy or Lemmy would be a no-brainer.  Slayer.  Megadeth.  Rob Zombie. I’m just thinking metal acts that were huge enough at some point to have that kind of mainstream crossover appeal. Dave Grohl… and before you say he’s not metal, I call exibits Queens of the Stone Age, Killing Joke and Probot.  King Diamond would be hilarious.  Anyone with an outrageous look so they’d be easy to animate. I could imagine Nelson taking Lisa to a Cattle Decapitation show.

As someone who works on an indie wrestling promotion, is there a wrestler from past or present you would like to see on the show?
I would love to see Abe talk about some old-school wrestlers.  Abe was a pro wrestler, after all.  He could tell Lisa about Killer Kowalski, the world’s toughest vegetarian.  On the same note, Daniel Bryan is a vegetarian so there’s a contemporary WWE star for ya.  Groundskeeper Willie could meet “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.
Has The Simpsons ever introduced you to an idea that has changed your views? (Lisa being veg, Barney quitting drinking?)
It never introduced  or changed my views on anything but, again, Lisa’s plight is one I can identify with.

Do you still watch the new episodes of the show? If not, do you remember what made you stop?

I rarely watch new episodes, as they air on tv for the first time, but that’s just because of scheduling.  I keep up.  I haven’t turned away.  They may have slowed down a step but its still better than almost all other shows on the air.
I felt it more important to put a picture of GeeGee’s dogs because look at how adorable they are!
You can find GeeGee at:

Also, if you are in the Southern Ohio area, hit up some of these shows coming to Rockstar Pro Arena:
7/24-Karma to Burn w/Crosley Court, Architects of Doom, Back Stabbath
8/8-Denihilist w/Eternal Void, Juggernaut, Hunter’s Chase, Plagues, We Are as Ronin
8/15-Native Construct w/Wings Denied, Outrun the Sunlight, Others by No One, The Ako Vendetta, Denounce Your Martyr
8/22-the Atomic Bitchwax w/Against the Grain, Neon Warship, Grand Mammoth, Bearer of Bad News
8/28-Your Chance to Die w/Zuel, Back Stabbath
9/6-Raven (thrash pioneers!)


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