Band Crush Wednesday

twilight fauna

Twilight Fauna is the Appalachian inspired atmospheric black metal project from Paul Ravenwood. Inspired by the sounds of one man black metal projects like The Ruins Of Beverast and Burzum (minus the terrible ideology), Ravenwood uses traditional Appalachian folk instruments to expand his black metal sound into something totally unique and original. Forming in 2011, Twilight Fauna has been steadily releasing music, all recorded and written by Ravenwood. Sometimes sounding like more traditional black metal, with blast beats and fast tremolo picking, and sometimes sounding like blackened folk with sparse drums and acoustic instruments, along with lyrics about grief and loss and Appalachian folklore, Twilight Fauna is always engaging and fascinating.


So far this year, Twilight Fauna has released an excellent split with one man doom metal project Old Thunder and a full length entitled Shadows Of Ancestors. Also, set for release later this year is a split with Jennifer Christensen. I’ve been lucky enough to hear the split and it’s beautiful and deeply moving.

Also worth your time is Paul Ravenwood’s neofolk project Green Elder.

You can check out Twilight Fauna at:
Twilight Fauna Bandcamp
Twilight Fauna Facebook
Twilight Fauna Twitter


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