First off, Alex Rocco passed away this weekend. Simpsons fans will know him as the voice of Roger Meyers, Jr. You can read a nice piece about him at Film Springfield.

The Simpsons:
Smartline this week is a short post just to help push these cool, limited edition archival quality Giclee prints from Gooney Toons. Limited to 15 prints each, one in green and one in pink, you should hop on these quick, because they won’t be available long. Featuring Homer and John (played by John Waters) from the season 8 episode Homerphobia. Buy it at Gooney Tunes Big Cartel!


The metal:

For the metal section this week, I’m asking for some help from the readers of this site. I’m working on a new weekly segment about metal/punk/hardcore/whatever songs that feature samples or lyrics referencing The Simpsons. I’m looking to start posting the new segment sometime in August, so if you know of any songs, comment on this post or tweet at me at @xtapolapometal. I’ll do my best to credit whoever points towards particular songs.


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