Band Crush Wednesday


In black metal, evolving your bands sound can lead to backlash. Black metal is a genre built around staying “true” which ends up meaning people only like your demo. None of that matters to multi-instrumentalist Andrew Curtis-Brignell and his project/band, Caïna. Formed in 2004 in England, Caïna sound is hard to pin down and continually evolving. Releasing numerous full lengths, EPs, and splits between 2004 to 2014, Caïna released Setter Of Unseen Snares. After the completion of Setter, Caïna became more of a band with the addition of Laurence Taylor as vocalist. Setter Of Unseen Snares is an incredible album that has one of my favorite songs released in the last decade, ‘Orphan.’

One of my favorite things about Andrew is his outspoken attitude towards how women are treated in metal. “While in the last few years it seems that it’s less OK to base your band’s whole aesthetic on it, metal is definitely a culture where generally it’s still OK to both exclude and casually objectify women. It seems to be acceptable to be a woman in metal within certain narrow parameters — basically if you’re attractive and nonthreatening. I find it unbelievable that a couple of major magazines and websites still have issues dedicated to the “hottest girls in metal.” How fucked up is that? Eleven months a year, cover to cover we’ll push a bunch of identical-looking white bros throwing their bullshit shapes and spouting the same quasi-edgy satanic motivational speaker bullshit, but hey, you ladies, you can have that one month where we’ll make jokes about that girl from Kylesa’s tits and ask her if it’s “tough on tour” because she has a vagina. Fuck off. Don’t be too attractive or demonstrably sexual, though, heavens no — look at what happened to that Oath band. I’m surprised they lasted as long as they did after seeing some of the shit the internet threw at them. Look at the reception of that Myrkur album— oh, it just had to have been ghostwritten by her boyfriend, according to some people. Are you shitting me? Is metal culture that terrified of women nowadays that it robs them of any agency whatsoever? I once got described as “girlfriend metal,” which I think was supposed to be a derogatory statement. I liked it — what the hell is wrong with appealing to both men and women? What the hell is so great about guys that I’m supposed to gear everything toward them? I don’t really get that as an insult, honestly. I’m absolutely, 100 percent a feminist and I genuinely don’t give a shit whether you like it or not really. We’re going to win, deal with it.” (taken from Kim Kelly’s interview with Andrew on Wondering Sound.)

Orphan from Setter Of Unseen Snares

I will always back any band that stands up for social issues, especially women’s rights, LGBT rights, etc. Luckily, Caïna make incredible music. I feel pretty strongly about Caïna and you should definitely check out their albums on Bandcamp and throw some money their way.

Plus, Andrew is a huge Simpsons/Futurama fan!

You Can Check Out Caïna At:


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