The Simpsons: Everything’s Coming Up Podcast!


Everything’s Coming Up Podcast is a podcast all about nerding out over The Simpsons. Hosted by Allie Goertz and Julia Prescott, each episode of the podcast focuses on an episode of The Simpsons, picked by whoever the guest is. The episodes are incredibly fun listens. You can tell the hosts and guest love nothing more than talking about The Simpsons. The ‘Mother Simpson’ episode is especially great. And most episodes end with them asking a “Krusty Q”, which they usually ask on Facebook and Twitter, and reading the answers on the show. I love this podcast so much. Check it out and download episodes HERE!

Follow them on Twitter HERE!

Follow them on Facebook HERE!

Instead of a metal section this week, I thought I’d add an extra Simpsons section and stick with the Everything’s Coming Up Podcast theme. Allie Goertz is also a songwriter and has written a couple songs based on The Simpsons.

This video is for a song called ‘Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse.’ It has become my favorite Simpsons themed song I’ve heard. It captures the feel of the show perfectly, with a good dose of humor and heart. The line “you’re so vacant, Milhouse. You could be ol’ Gil’s house” gets me every time. Allie has a bunch of videos on her YouTube Channel. You can also check out her first album at her Bandcamp.


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