The Metal: Nine Circles


Nine Circles is a site that focuses on all things metal. Featuring news, reviews, interviews, weekly columns, and a podcast. It’s all excellent stuff and one of the few metal sites I visit regularly. Check them out HERE!

The Simpsons: Thrillhaus

Thrillhaus is the work of Philly tattoo artist Pat Attack (Pat Whelan). He designs and sells some rad Simpsons themed patches, shirts, stickers, and buttons. Some of his work mashes together The Smiths and Smithers, Milhouse and Bauhaus, Homer and Ambeix, Chief Wiggum and Black Flag. One of my favorite is this patch of Moe’s No Funeral sign. If your battle jacket needs a touch of Simpsons on it, you can’t go wrong with any of the stuff on Thrillhaus!

Check it all out at Thrillhaus!


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