Album Review: Immortal Bird – Empress/Abscess


“All I want is quiet. A place to wait it out until the demise of the Earth in volcanic ash.
Or blankets of ice. Burn it all down.” These are the last words heard on the first full length, Empress/Abscess, from Immortal Bird.  There is no positive outlook to be found, only negativity and lashing out at humankind over a swirl of blast beats and blackened deathgrind.

The music on Empress/Abscess is dark, fast, and sometimes sludgy. Evan Berry’s riff are incredibly memorable, burrowing their way into your subconscious. Not many black metal leaning bands can pull off super catchy riffs. It’s one of the biggest highlights in Immortal Bird’s work. But the biggest tool in Immortal Bird’s arsenal is Rae Amitay. Her vocals are harsh and vicious, spewing forth lyrics like “Push words through my teeth/watch them flutter like wounded insects/only to sprawl twitching on the ground/they will not survive/we cannot survive.”

Everything about Empress/Abscess is beautiful in it’s rage. Yes, a lot of metal bands sound angry. Immortal Bird make you believe it. Empress/Abscess is the sound of a band that just wants the world to burn down.

Album Highlights: And Send Fire, Neoplastic, Saprophyte

immortal bird

You can pick up Empress/Abscess from Immortal Bird’s Bandcamp for digital and CD. You can also pick up cassette copies from Broken Limb Recordings. Vinyl preorder is also up here from Broken Limb Recordings.

Follow Immortal Bird on Twitter and Facebook.


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