The Simpsons: Patches & pins from Mike McCabe


Mike McCabe has a handful of really awesome patches and pins that he designed for sale. Including this amazing Moe “Hang In There” patch, you’ll find a heavy metal looking patch for Kirk Van Houten’s ‘Can I Borrow A Feeling?’ cassette, a patch of alien Mr. Burn that says “I Bring You Love”, a pin of the gummy Venus De Milo, and even a replica Bort liscence plate. You can check them all out at Mike McCabe’s Big Cartel!

The Metal: Expiring Sun

expiring sun

Expiring Sun is the name that encompasses all of the work done by Brandon Duncan. His work includes artwork, music, and a cassette tape label, all of which are incredible. I highly recommend his industrial music under the name Sterilizer. I suggest checking out his website because there is just way too much amazing stuff to go into here. You can check it all out at Expiring Sun!


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