Band Crush Wednesday


VHS is a band I know absolutely nothing about. Justin from Axeslasher turned me on to them a couple days ago and I fell in love. I’ll just let the little bio from their Bandcamp speak for them: “From the depths of Ontario, Canada comes the debut release from VHS, Hi-Fi Horror (Uncut Edition)! 7 frantic tracks that continue the stripped down traditions of the true underground. If you took old school Death Metal, Punk simplicity, and a dose of 80’s Hair Metal and Thrash, threw it in a blender, the resulting black goo would be the sound of VHS. It’ll stick to your teeth and probably rot your insides but if you are an old school metal fan you’ll love every second of it. Fast, catchy and bloody, that is VHS at its core. They are coming for you and we will not stop until the screaming stops. You have been warned! For fans of Abscess, Exhumed, Ghoul and Impetigo.”

Check out VHS at the following:
VHS Facebook
VHS via Horror Pain Gore Death’s Bandcamp


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