Eye On Springfield with Head Ned of Okilly Dokilly

eye on springfield

By now, I assume anyone coming to this site has heard of Okilly Dokilly. They blew up everywhere overnight. For 2 days, I was getting smashed with emails, Facebook and Twitter notifications, and text messages about this Ned Flanders themed metal band that just kind of appeared out of nowhere. You can go to practically any music blog and see an article about them, so I’ll spare everyone with a long intro. Especially since I already wrote about them last week. I immediately reached out to the band and frontman Head Ned was kind enough to answer some questions about the band and The Simpsons.

Everyone knows all the best bands are affiliated with Satan, so how did the idea for a Ned Flanders themed band come about?
Our drummer (Bled Ned) and I (Head Ned) were in a grocery store line coming up with cutesy, harmless names for imaginary heavy punk and metal bands. Okilly Dokilly came up and was very funny to us. We ran with it.
Do you guys have any long term plans for the band?
It’s tough to make those kinds of plans when a cease and desist letter is an impending possibility. We’ve gotten a bunch of messages and e-mails from all over the globe already though. A world tour seems to be a welcomed idea. To meet Matt Groening or get his autograph (maybe on the aforementioned letter) is probably our end goal.
What is your history with The Simpsons?
They’ve been the greatest neighborinos anyone could ask for.
I assume it’s a safe bet that Flanders is your favorite character. Is there any other characters you relate to?
Groundskeeper Willy is often as confused and disgruntled as I am. Both Bart and Lisa have resonated heavily with me. Okilly Dokilly gets its attitude from the Bart side and it’s musical background from the Lisa side.
Do you have a favorite episode(s)?
Hurricane Neddy is definitely a favorite. Lots of Ned info and an unreleased song of ours pulls quotes from the episode.
Who from the show do you think would be most likely to start a metal band?
There’s nothing I want to hear more than Principal Skinner’s heavy metal tune “Up Yours Children.” But, I think Milhouse wins most likely. He’s got the Thrillhouse moniker, Mussolini is a pretty brutal middle name, and the kid definitely has some pent up aggression to work with.
Is there anyone from the world of metal/hardcore/punk you would love to see guest star on the show?
Oh, maybe Brendon Small, though he’s already a staple in the cartoon world. I feel like like his Metalocalypse characters have a lot of Homer-esque traits.
Do you still watch the newer episodes of the Simpsons? If not, do you remember why you stopped watching?
I do still watch some of the newer ones. If The Simpsons are on, I always want to watch it, regardless of episode or season. The older episodes (the first 10 or 15 seasons) are absolutely classic and definitely my favorites though.
How would you like to see the series end? Any ideas on a storyline for the main family?
In all honesty, I wouldn’t like to see the series end at all. The show is older than I am, so I grew up with it. That’s a tough thing to lose. If it must come to an end though, I think Homer and Marge have some traveling to do, Bart could be an excellent father, learning from his own father’s shortcomings, and Lisa and Maggie might gain some popularity in the musical world.
You can find Okilly Dokilly at the following:

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