RIP Wes Craven

craven (1)

I know this is a Simpsons blog, but I’m also a lifelong horror fan, starting with films like Nightmare On Elm Street. I remember seeing that movie as a kid and being absolutely destroyed with terror that I basically didn’t sleep for a week. As I got older and started to dig into horror movies with more fervor, Wes Craven was a name you couldn’t (and wouldn’t want) to avoid. The Last House On The Left and The Hills Have Eyes are absolute classics. The Serpent And The Rainbow helped kickstart my love of zombie films. Even films like Shocker and The People Under The Stairs are great, flaws and all. Craven even made one of my favorite comic book movies of all time, Swamp Thing. Yes, it’s cheesy and ridiculous, but it’s also amazingly fun.

Craven wrote and directed some of the most terrifying scenes in cinema. The rape scene in Last House On The Left, almost every kill in the first Nightmare On Elm Street (and in general, the idea of not even being safe in your sleep). He also produced one of the scenes that has always haunted my memories, the scene where the babysitter is dragged up the wall and killed on the ceiling in New Nightmare, a completely underrated film.


Wes Craven’s Nightmare On Elm Street series even inspired one of my favorite Treehouse Of Horror segments, ‘Nightmare On Evergreen Terrace’. Groundskeeper Willie plans revenge on all of the kids in Springfield after the parents let him die. It’s goofy and actually pretty creepy.

Wes Craven dying is a huge loss to the world. He left behind an unbelievable filmography that is almost untouchable. He passed away at the age of 76 of brain cancer.


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