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Dead Homer Society is a blog all about the classic years of The Simpsons. Featuring daily quotes and a weekly round up of all things Simpsons from that week, the blog is a fun and excellent way to keep up with what is happening with Springfield’s favorite family. Check it out at Dead Homer Society!

The Metal: Steel For Brains


Steel For Brains is the the metal site created by Jonathan K. Dick. Almost anyone who has started writing about metal within the last couple years has probably been influenced by Jonathan’s writing/interviews/podcast in some form. He’s incredibly witty and has a very unique style that makes his site unlike any other. At the end of the year, Steel For Brains will stop cease with new posts as Jonathan is pursuing other interests. It will be a sad day as Jonathan has put up some of the best interviews ever. His interviews are a who’s who of the metal world. Highly recommend the Mike Patton, False, Runhild Gammelsæter, and Dominick Fernow interviews from the last year. Check out Steel For Brains HERE!

Also, over the last four months, the metal community raised over $20,000 for Jonathan and his daughter Hannah, who suffers from ciliary dyskinesia, an incurable lung disorder. Basically, Hannah will have to undergo daily breathing treatments for the rest of her life. Not a cheap thing. The metal community came together, thanks to Kim Kelly for starting the GoFundMe page and getting the word out, and helped knock a sizable sum off of the debt Jonathan will/has occurred. Now that the GoFundMe has reached it’s goal and ended, if you would like to help out in anyway, Jonathan has requested donations go to The PCD Foundation.


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