Band Crush Wednesday

old thunder

Old Thunder is the brainchild of Dustin Grooms. Conceptualized in late 2012/early 2013, Old Thunder plays a form of doom metal with Appalachian influences with lyrics focusing on loss and suffering. Playing all the instruments himself, Dustin has released one full length, Slings & Arrows, and a split with Twilight Fauna entitled Bloodlines. Both are excellent and worth your time. One of my favorite aspects of Old Thunder is how Dustin uses outside influences to make his doom metal sound unique. Case in point, the very early 90’s clean vocals on the Slings & Arrows track ‘June, 2, 1910.’ You can pick up both Old Thunder releases on CD/Digital (Slings & Arrows) and cassette/digital (Bloodlines). There is also a space rock style instrumental EP entitled Sonata Tenebrae released under the Old Thunder banner, but isn’t a true Old Thunder album. It’s still worth your time.

Check out Old Thunder at:
Old Thunder on Twitter
Old Thunder on Facebook
Old Thunder on Bandcamp


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