Band Crush Wednesday

couch slut

In the world of metal, most bands try and come across as dangerous and extreme. Then a band comes along that only has hints of metal in their sound and makes everything else seem tame. Couch Slut is one of those bands. A noise rock band that would fit in with the early Am Rep bands, the NYC based band sounds violent and confrontational. The first album, My Life As A Woman, came out last year and garnered well deserved attention. Angular guitar and truly ferocious vocals lead Couch Slut’s sound, like a truly manic Julie Christmas fronting Oxbow at their craziest. My Life As A Woman is highly recommended and easily one of my favorite albums released in the last decade. Everything about it is uncomfortable and confrontational. Songs like “Split Urethra Castle” and “Rape Kit” aren’t meant to be nice. The album has a truly nihilistic feel.

Check out Couch Slut at:
Couch Slut Facebook
My Life As A Woman on Bandcamp


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