Quick Update

Sorry for the lack of posts the last 2 weeks. I’ve been sick and haven’t been able to do much but lay in bed all day. I should have some new stuff going up starting next week. I have a at least 6 interviews back and ready to go, so once I don’t feel like death, I should be back at it.

Also, my friend Megan Osztrosits (singer from Couch Slut) created a GoFundMe page to try and get some help with some medical bills. Anyone who has been or knows anyone who is in a band knows they usually end up having to work numerous part time job with no insurance as a means to get by in between tours. Megan currently works 2-3 part time jobs just to survive and medical bills are outrageous. So, check it out and if it’s something you feel like helping her out with, you should. Megan is an awesome person and deserves any help you can give. Go HERE to donate. Thanks!


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