Eye On Springfield: Treehouse Of Horror Edition


Instead of the normal Eye On Springfield format, this week I sent 4 questions about the Treehouse Of Horror episodes of the Simpsons to some of my favorite people. Most of these are from fellow metalheads that have appeared on Xtapolapometal in the past, and a couple are future guests.

Treehouse Of Horror has always held a special place in my heart. As someone who has been watching the Simpsons and horror movies since I was a kid (I have distinct memories of watching It and Child’s Play when my parents thought I was sleeping), the idea that my favorite fictional family having these non-canon adventures in the world of Edgar Allen Poe and Wes Craven always made me really excited. Even still, they’re the one episode a year I refuse to not watch.

The answers that follow are great and have made me desperately wish The Simpsons would make some of these ideas happen (especially a Simpsons/Hellraiser mashup). Enjoy!


Daniel Jackson (Void Ritual/Desu)

What is it about the Treehouse Of Horror segments that you love?

The obvious answer is that it’s a chance to see the Simpsons characters at their most fucked up and crazy. In the Treehouse universe, we get shit like Marge as a witch eating witch trial era children with her sisters, or Flanders as The Devil. Even in the later seasons, you can usually count on the writers to be on their A-game for the Treehouse episodes.

What is your favorite Treehouse Of Horror segment and why?

Fuck, that’s tough. I’ll have to list a few, because otherwise I’ll feel bad. Basically all of Treehouse IV is fucking magic. You’ve got “The Devil and Homer Simpson”, you’ve got Dracula. All awesome. “The Shinning” is a classic. And I’d include 50-Foot Eyesores, “Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace” and “Citizen Kang” in there too. As to why: I’ll just leave it fairly general and say that each of the episodes has some absolutely classic moments, like Burns saying he liked the cut of The Devil’s jib, or Homer’s “Do not touch Willie… good advice!” lines. It’s such a high concentration of classic moments, that it’s hard to really put into words why any of them is greater than the other.

What horror movie do you think would be a great Treehouse segment?

Hellraiser seems like a must. In fact, I’ll have a little casting fun:

Pinhead: Bart
The Chatterer: Grandpa (thinking of gags with his false teeth)
Butterball: Comic Book Guy
Nikoletta/Female Cenobite: Marge
Julia: Edna K. would have been perfect, but I guess either Patty or Selma now.
Frank: Moe
Kirsty: Lisa (Milhouse as the boyfriend)
Larry: Homer
Numerous lonely, day-drinking suckers Julia murders: Skinner, Bumble-Bee Man, Willie, Wiggum

I really want to see ‘Them’ by King Diamond get a Treehouse segment. What metal concept album would you like to see get a Treehouse rendition? (I actually got this idea from you.)

Since you’ve stolen my ‘Them’ idea, and going with ‘The Graveyard’ would probably be a tough sell, I’ll say they could probably get something fun out of the Gwar Universe. The problem here is that most metal albums are pretty humorless, and when there’s a coherent story to be had, it’s not usually a very good one. I’m sure there are folks who’d love to see a Operation: Mindcrime Treehouse or a Ziltoid episode, but that’s not for me. King’s stuff is perfect because it’s so wacky and full of personality.


Dustie Pitstick (Duderus)

What is it about the Treehouse Of Horror segments that you love?

It ‘s a great chance for the Simpsons to take it’s many seasons worth of inside jokes and rich characters and have fun with them outside of cannon. For all the times Homer was ready to smash Flander’s head, and obviously wouldn’t in reality… We get to see that here! The writers have had a great storied history of playing parody with great cinema, television, pop culture, etc. This is a way to pay that homage to the great sci fi and horror that just wouldn’t make much sense in a context where you can’t kill folks and have wizards/vampires/robots. Just a fun way to take a moment yearly to blow the fourth wall away, and have a lot of self aware, campy fun. What’s not to love?!

What is your favorite Treehouse Of Horror segment and why?
The best presentation as a whole is likely VII. “The Thing and I” is responsible for some of the best one liners ever (“I’ll check Radio Shack!”). “Genesis Tub” was just a fun fantastic voyage homage into the micro verse that as far as the middle segment goes, is a great romp. And “Citizen Kang” rounding it out is classic Simpsons political satire, Great usage of mainstays Kodos and Kang, and I’m always a sucker for the yearly “Homer was actually right” underdog episode.

   My personal favorite as a whole is most definitely V. I have a lot of good memories of “Crime and Punishment” being my dad’s favorite before he passed, so it gets sentimental points on top of just being an insanely absurd episode. Every time Homer mentions using “the right tools” and then smashed the toaster open with a rock I come close to death with laughter. “The Shinning” is perfect parody, and responsible for the “No TV and no beer makes Homer something, something” quote. And nightmare cafeteria is filled with some of the best Seymour thinking he’s clever idiocy the series has to offer. The ending to the episode is also fantastic, with the family being turned inside out and deciding to sing it off. Plus Willie’s chance to shine in the episode via multiple brutal murders is a great running gag.

It’s not a popular one, but my favorite single vignette is “Night of the Dolphin” from XI. From Lenny’s death in the water (“Alcohol and night swimming. What a winning combination!”) to the head dolphins speech (“Snarky. Talk. Man. *cough* Let me start over.”) to the brutal animated war with the dolphins… It’s an episode that I feel just personally gets me.

What horror movie do you think would be a great Treehouse segment?

For all of the obvious parodies that the show has done, they have never properly touched on the Friday the 13th movies. There is a solid nod in “Boy Scouts in the Hood” when Ernest Borgnine finds the abandoned summer camp, but I would love to see a proper Treehouse homage to my favorite bad franchise. Speaking of bad, I’m sure they could have some big fun with a segment paying tribute to Troll 2. It is already unintentionally the best worst horror movie on it’s own accord. I’m sure the writer’s could have a ball with it.
I really want to see ‘Them’ by King Diamond get a Treehouse segment. What metal concept album would you like to see get a Treehouse rendition?
My immediate reaction is “Leviathan” by Mastadon, mostly since they briefly touched on a similar note in “the War of the Simpsons” when Homer goes after General Sherman during the couple’s retreat. Build a whole episode around that with the wild Treehouse of Horror violence level and it writes itself! Plus that album just rips, so you’ve got a great soundtrack built in already.
Tom DeGroot
What is it about the Treehouse Of Horror segments that you love?
I love how over the top they can get because they’re not restricted by anything in the canon. It’s never sad when a character dies in Treehouse because it’s basically the equivalent of an actor playing a role in a movie where they get killed on screen but of course, in real life, they’re fine. Can only imagine that the writers have a lot of fun with it.
What is your favorite Treehouse Of Horror segment and why?
Tough question! I suppose if I had to choose, probably “Nightmare Cafeteria” from Treehouse V. The entire episode is wonderful though and the best Treehouse Of Horror episode ever I’d say. My reasons for liking this one are the same as the other segments in this episode: They manage to actually strike a really healthy balance between comedy and genuine horror. The Treehouse episodes tend to be far more on the fantastical comedic side rather than actually trying to scare the audience but this episode and this segment splits it pretty evenly. We can all laugh at Principal Skinner revealing far too much about the mysterious food called “Uterbraten” but also be genuinely creeped out at Lunchlady Doris covered in blood attacking the surviving children. Same goes for the pretty graphic scene of the family being turned inside out by the fog followed immediately by an inspired parody of “One”. Should also be pointed out that Harry Shearer absolutely kills it as a much darker and disturbed version of Skinner. Who knew that Marge’s pre-show warning about Treehouse V being really scary actually had some truth to it this time around?
What horror movie do you think would be a great Treehouse segment?
They haven’t really done a proper full parody of the Exorcist so that might be a fun one for them to go with. Certainly lends itself to a lot of material.
I really want to see ‘Them’ by King Diamond get a Treehouse segment. What metal concept album would you like to see get a Treehouse rendition?
Never really thought of that or honestly know if it would work. Maybe drawing inspiration here and there but not a full adaptation. I guess elements of “Operation: Mindcrime” might be an interesting Simpsons story to tell but it’s hard to visualize because I don’t see the strong comedy potential in most concept albums I’m a fan of.
Sean Barry (Consequence Of Sound)
What is it about the Treehouse Of Horror segments that you love?
I’m a sucker for the anthology-style attitude of just wanting to tell a quick and creepy story with some laughs and classic horror homages thrown in.
What is your favorite Treehouse Of Horror segment and why?
It’s a 3-way tie because each segment excels in presenting that certain something that I love about Treehouse of Horror.
  • “The Shinning” from V because it’s such a perfectly done parody of The Shining.
  • “The Thing And I” from VII because the twist of Bart being the evil twin all along totally speaks to the Twilight Zone-y spirit upon which Treehouse of Horror thrives.
  • “Night of the Dolphin” from XI because it’s so ridiculous and so wonderful and is everything I want from a Treehouse segment.
What horror movie do you think would be a great Treehouse segment?
Hausu (or House) would be fantastic if they haven’t done that yet.
I really want to see ‘Them’ by King Diamond get a Treehouse segment. What metal concept album would you like to see get a Treehouse rendition?

Mastodon’s Leviathan would make for a great Moby Dick parody/trippy Treehouse segment.

Kathy Bejma (Metal Cakes)
What is it about the Treehouse Of Horror segments that you love?
My favorite thing about all the Treehouse of Horror episodes, is that absolutely anything can happen-  They’re noncanonical!! All the kids get eaten in “Nightmare Cafeteria,” but they’re fine in next week’s episode. Most of the town gets turned into horrible, skin-eating, mutants in “Homega Man,” but then everyone is perfectly normal in the next episode. It’s great!!
Plus they do a lot of Twilight Zone and scary movie parodies. As a huge fan of horror movies, and The Simpsons, I love when the writers combine the two!
I don’t watch new episodes anymore, but I still try make an effort to watch the Treehouse of Horror episodes every year. They’re usually still pretty creative and entertaining.
What is your favorite Treehouse Of Horror segment and why?
I can’t believe I have to pick only one… Can I pick 3?
-Clown Without Pity
So much awesomeness in this segment!! The free frogurt, and when Homer says “Marge! Marge! Look! The doll’s trying to kill me and the toaster’s been laughin’ at me! Ewww… Dog water!” Then when Marge calls the help line, and their hold music is “Everybody Loves A Clown,” and finally the repair guy discovering that someone set the doll to “Evil.” Oh man… The whole thing is just so hilarious!
-Dial “Z” For Zombies
The Simpsons trivia night I go to every month, has a Halloween costume contest every year, and this year I was Bart from “Dial ‘Z’ For Zombies” with a cape and Thriller record on my head. I also had the book of spells to read from: “Collin…Rayburn…Nars…Trebek!” “Trojan…Ramses…Magnum…Sheik!!”
But that segment (also from Treehouse of Horror III), has some great lines:
“Dad you killed the zombie Flanders!”
“He was a zombie?”
“Take that, Washington! Eat lead, Einstein! Show’s over, Shakespeare!”
Then when the zombies are going back to their graves:
“Excuse me, I’m John Smith.”
“John Smith 1882?”
“My mistake!”
-Terror at 5 1/2 feet
A parody of one of the best Twilight Zone episodes! There’s a gremlin on the side of the bus!!
My favorite part is when Ned Flanders hits the gremlin with his car, and then wraps it in his coat to take care of it.
“It’s some kind of hideous monster! Aww… Isn’t that cute? He’s trying to claw my eyes out!”
What horror movie do you think would be a great Treehouse segment?
I think they could do an “It Follows” parody, but instead of a sexually transmitted demon, it could be something else more hilarious like whoever has a certain Alf pog or Malibu Stacy head or something.
And since Lisa is a bit of an outcast, they could do a “Carrie” parody, but you know… In a hilarious way. They could use her gazpacho soup instead of pig’s blood.
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is my all-time favorite horror film, and if The Simpsons ran out of gas in Texas, I bet they could do a pretty clever parody of that too!
I really want to see ‘Them’ by King Diamond get a Treehouse segment. What metal concept album would you like to see get a Treehouse rendition?
I guess they already did the Treehouse of Horror episode where Bart, Lisa and Homer have nightmares from eating too much candy… But I’d still really like to see them do Alice Cooper’s “Welcome To My Nightmare.”
The possibilities are endless! Plus it’s such a classic Halloween record, you can’t go wrong!
Shayne Mathis (Full Metal Hipster, Metal Injection)
What is it about the Treehouse Of Horror segments that you love?
I’ve always been a huge horror movie fan,  so mixing horror with The Simpsons guarantees I’m going to be stoked. Aside from that, I also enjoyed the feeling of being privy to some of the more esoteric references from those episodes. We nerds, dorks, and geeks are typically ostracized in middle school and high school so it was exciting to feel like you were in on something no one else was.  In it’s heyday, The Simpsons was loaded with cultural references and the Treehouse of Horror episodes where no different. The example that springs immediately to my mind is when Bart was dressed as a droog from A Clockwork Orange during the wraparound sequence in Treehouse of Horror III. The movie has had a cult following for years, but, for a geek growing up in the country surrounded by culturally illiterate rednecks, getting that reference felt like being part of some secret society.
What is your favorite Treehouse Of Horror segment and why?
Dial Z For Zombie is my favorite vignette. It contains two classic Simpsons lines: “Is this the end for zombie Shakespeare?” and “Flanders was a zombie?” The “Flanders was a zombie?” line is actually one of my favorite Simpsons gags of all time. It’s dark, but I love the idea that Homer is secretly hiding a desire to murder Flanders so powerful that he actually does it when given the chance. On a related note, there’s a callback to that scene in Deathgasm, a horror movie you should absolutely watch as soon as possible. Also, one of the fun things about the Treehouse episodes is that they’re non-canon so the writers can kill characters. In Dial Z For Zombie, the Simpsons were allowed to lay waste to a hoard of zombiefied Springfieldians (as well as George Washington, Albert Einstein, and William Shakespeare), and it was glorious!
What horror movie do you think would be a great Treehouse segment?
I haven’t watched a new episode of The Simpsons in nearly 15 years so I don’t know if this has already been done, but I always thought Night of the Creeps would make a good segment. In another attempt to conquer Earth, Kodos and Kang release a canister of space slugs in Springfield where they infect the townspeople. Bart, Lisa, and Milhouse could be stand-ins for the three kids in the movie and Chief Wiggum would obviously be the Detective Cameron character.
I really want to see ‘Them’ by King Diamond get a Treehouse segment. What metal concept album would you like to see get a Treehouse rendition?
I was trying hard to come up with something else to avoid being redundant, but King Diamond’s Abigail is too solid of a choice. It’s a good fit for Marge, Homer and Maggie as the central characters, and there’s a haunted house, murder, possession, and a ghost baby. I don’t know how you top that. An alternate idea would be a full episode based around the final track of doom metal band Old Witch’s album Come Mourning Come. The track is a reading of H.P. Lovecraft’s The Picture in the House that Old Witch provided musical accompaniment for. The track is 30 minutes long so it would take up an entire episode, but it would be a cool change of pace from the standard Treehouse of Horror format.
Ross Mckendrick (RDM Visuals)

What is it about the Treehouse Of Horror segments that you love?

With the early episodes, it really gave the writers and animators a chance to go for more surreal, and often genuinely creepy stories. This was before the show started doing episodes about the Simpsons going to Japan and shit like that, when it was still about an ordinary family just trying to get by and get along. The Treehouse episodes gave them the chance to do stuff like turn Flanders into a werewolf, create the most popular adaptation of Poe’s ‘The Raven’ ever made, and experiment with 3D CGI animation and live action before those things became a fad.

Also, I fucking loved horror movies as a young ‘un, so watching my favourite programme tackle those tropes in it’s own inimitable way was the coolest thing ever when I was a kid. They hold a lot of nostalgia value, but they still hold up as genius pieces of writing today.

What is your favorite Treehouse Of Horror segment and why?

I’m finding it impossible to pick just one! I don’t have the DVDs of the show so I haven’t seen any of them in years, so at the moment I’m really dying to watch ‘The Shinning’ again, mainly for Homer’s freakout on the staircase. It’s also been far too long since I saw ‘Dial ‘Z’ For Zombies’, and I caught myself humming ‘Just Don’t Look’ today, so I figure that ‘Attack Of The 50ft Eyesores’ is due a rewatch too.

Also anything with Kang and Kodos, because “Ohhh, shazbot.”.

What horror movie do you think would be a great Treehouse segment?

The Evil Dead trilogy. It already has those surreal and comedic elements in the original movies which would be perfect for spooky Simpsons cabin antics, and Bruce Campbell’s voice and cartoon-like visage are a perfect fit for a guest role. Have Flanders voice the possessing spirits and hey presto, ya got Evil Ned!

Though if this actually gets made, I will sue those damn hack writers to hell and back.

I really want to see ‘Them’ by King Diamond get a Treehouse segment. What metal concept album would you like to see get a Treehouse rendition?

I don’t know if I actually know or like any concept albums, so I’ll just cast my vote as a +1 for ‘Them’, because it would be cool as fuck to see King Diamond in Groening-vision.

Thanks to everyone who took part in this. I’m off for some night swimming and alcohol, it’s a winning combination!

Top 15 Favorite Horror Movies

With Halloween coming up, and celebrating Treehouse Of Horror, and horror in general this week, I thought I would post about my favorite horror movies. There are probably thousands of lists like this one all over the internet, and mine is nowhere near as infallible as the rest, but it’s fun and might turn people on to movies they’ve never seen. Some of these are gory. Some are laid back and full of amazing atmosphere. Some are just plain goofy or have sentimental value to me. Regardless, I’ll back these movies forever and can rewatch them all of the time and not get tired of them. I hope you find something new or rediscover old favorites.

Special guest commentator on #8 is Megan Osztrosits from the band Couch Slut. She rules and I’m so glad she was down to write a bunch of words about one of her favorite movies. Go buy ‘My Life As A Woman’ by Couch Slut HERE!

Fifteen – Night Of The Lepus

night of the lepus

Like most 19070’s monster/creature movies, this one isn’t great and definitely a weird choice to be on any horror list. Night Of The Lepus is a movie from 1972 about killer rabbits. That’s right: killer rabbits. A rabbit being tested on as a way to stop rabbits from breeding and taking over an area is given as a pet and escapes. Basically, after the escape, all kinds of goofy hell breaks loose. The movie is great as a dumb 70’s horror movie, but the reason I love it is because of sentimental reasons. My wife and I had a rabbit for 7 years or so and one day my wife brought up seeing this movie as a kid. From then on, the joke was always that Edwardo (our rabbit) was planning on leading a Night Of The Lepus style attack on humanity.

Fourteen – The Cabin In The Woods

the cabin in the woods

Coming out in 2012, The Cabin In The Woods is a movie that is very hard to write about without ruining the crazy plot and twists that happen within. This is a movie that should be seen totally fresh. I randomly watched it one day with no prior knowledge about it and was completely blown away. Basic plot is a group of teenagers/twentysomethings go to an abandoned cabin for a weekend of fun and crazy, and I mean crazy, shit happens. Keep an eye out for the motorcycle jump that ends in the most surprising way. This is a great horror movie if you’re looking for something different with a good amount of humor.

Thirteen – The House Of The Devil

the house of the devil

Ti West has become one of my favorite horror directors. His films all have an 80’s VHS feel to them that I love. The House Of The Devil was the first one I saw of his and still my favorite. The old school feel combined with modern special effects work so well together and West’s directing adds some incredible atmosphere to all of his films. The House Of The Devil follows the story of a college student looking to make some extra money and takes a babysitting job. Like most babysitting jobs, she finds out that the family is harboring a demon child that eats raw human flesh and the parents want to sacrifice her to him. You know, the usual stuff babysitters have to deal with. The midpoint turn in the movie is great and the kid in the movie is genuinely creepy. Also, check out The Innkeepers if you like this movie.

Twelve – Hatchet


Director Adam Green has become one of my favorite horror filmmakers in the last couple of years. He has a massive love and admiration of all things horror. His Hatchet series (there are three) is a love letter to series like Friday The 13th and Halloween. Following a group of tourists in a swamp tour that come across the legend of Victor Crowley (played by Kane Hodder), Hatchet is ultra gory and has some of the most brutal killings I’ve seen on screen since Dead Alive. One person gets her head ripped in half from the jaw while another gets and electric sander to the face. The movie is a bloody mess of fun and takes the slasher genre to new levels. Hatchet also has a cameo from Robert Englund to watch out for.

Eleven – Audition


This Japanese horror-drama-completely-fucked-up film is a slowburner leading to one of the most memorable last 15 minutes or so in cinema. Takashi Miike is probably the most well know Japanese horror director based on films like Audition, Oldboy, and Ichi The Killer. Audition is his masterpiece for me. Following a widower trying to join the dating scene again and creating a mock casting audition for women to be his new wife, Audition is psychologically brutal and ends with one of the most stomach turning torture scenes over put on film. It’s one of the very few movies that has ever made me uncomfortable. It’s also beautifully shot and wonderfully paced. The acting is top notch and the ending is so realistic that you can almost feel it yourself.

Ten – Evil Dead remake

evil dead remake

The original Evil Dead is an absolute classic. Remaking it sounds like an idea that would be a guaranteed abysmal failure. I saw this movie in theaters and full expected the worst. 99% of remakes are total garbage, but I had hopes that with Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi involved, it would be at least descent. This movie completely shattered all expectations. The ways they homage the original while making this movie new were incredible, especially with the lost hand/chainsaw. The violence is incredibly real while also being completely over the top ala the original Evil Dead movies. The crowbar to the hand legitimately made me squirm in pain. They turn a character that for the first half of the movie is pretty unlikeable into someone you end up rooting for. By the halfway mark, I was 100% invested and in love with this movie. The violence is over the top and realistic at the same time. And the last 20 minutes or so are completely bonkers. Don’t let your love of the original make you skip this. It’s probably the only remake worth your time.

Nine – Return Of The Living Dead


Return Of The Living Dead is a movie everyone loves. I don’t think I want to know the person who doesn’t love it. It’s a perfect combination of horror and comedy with a great soundtrack. The acting is pretty goofy in the best way. The talking zombies calling for more cops and paramedics just so they can eat there brains is genius. Return Of The Living Dead has to be the first movie to have talking zombies (in the Romero fashion, at least). It’s a pretty intriguing concept. The zombie woman talking about eating brains to ease the pain of being dead is an incredible special effect, as is the weird goo-monster in the basement of the morgue. This movie is amazing and if you somehow haven’t seen it, redeem that.

Eight – The Devil’s Rejects

the devils rejects

“Allow me to begin this piece by proclaiming my boundless and undying love and admiration for musician-turned-filmmaker Rob Zombie. While I do not particularly give one small fuck about his music (though 15 year old me most certainly did) his journey into the realm of horror cinema has been a breath of fresh air in an otherwise recently stale and boring genre that’s given us a dozen fucking Saw films and the Paranormal Craptivity franchise (barf).

It was April of 2003 and I was nearing the end of my senior year of high school when my mother – who is solely responsible for my obsession with horror and gore, allowing her four year old daughter to stay up late and watch Hellraiser or Nightmare on Elm Street – took me to see the theatrical debut of what would become one of my favorite modern horror movies of all time, House of 1,000 Corpses. I was positively delighted by the gritty nature of Zombie’s filmmaking style, the songs he chose as the soundtrack – especially his use of Slim Whitman’s “I Remember You” during the panic-inducing scene in which the main protagonist, Otis Driftwood (Bill Moseley), shoots a cop in his yard execution style – but most of all, this new family I was introduced to, the Fireflys. Holy absolute shit, I hadn’t witnessed a fictional clan so gloriously twisted and deranged since those lovable psychopaths in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre; so in awe of these freaks that I actually went back the theater for three subsequent viewings over the following week.

About two years after my introduction to House of 1,000 Corpses, I began to notice previews for The Devil’s Rejects, a sequel to the gorefest of torture and depravity I knew and loved. My initial thought was: “Oh. Fuck. This is going to be a shitshow.” Sequels are, in my opinion, rarely ever decent, let alone worth seeing. Actually, fuck being gentle about it: most sequels are total hot garbage and we all know it. I decided I couldn’t bring myself to face the inevitable disappointment of this second film, and waited until I could watch it in the comfort of my own home. No wasted money on a movie ticket and no regrettable popcorn binge, probably better off.

What a bonehead mistake that turned out to be. The first time I watched The Devil’s Rejects, I legitimately had to take a couple breaks to compose myself, if that’s any indication of how much more disturbing this film was than its predecessor. During my first viewing of this film, it seemed that Zombie decided to trade in a lot of the dark humor and bizarre montages (common in House) for a far more sinister narrative, one that includes quite possibly the most disturbing sexual assault scene I had ever seen by that time.

The Devil’s Rejects is a story of the Firefly family being hunted by the cop brother of one of the police officers shot to death in the first installment. While on the run, our mentally unhinged protagonists torture and kill a bunch more people, this time in a less humorous way and with seemingly more aggression, anger, and despair, like maybe they know their time spent killing is soon coming to a halt at the hands of a man determined to avenge his brother’s untimely death. The film ends with a wonderfully memorable scene set to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird” (I’m a big Skynyrd fan and do not care what you think about that) so it wrapped up the two part saga rather awesomely, in my mind.

Without spoiling what happens in the movie, I will say that while the final scene was incredibly satisfying and I walked away from The Devil’s Rejects feeling a little morose and dejected. That was it. A film and its sequel, and no promise of any additional adventures with the Fireflys.

In sum, both of these films are unique in their execution, a real treat for someone who grew up appreciating a lot of the early grindhouse genre. Films so absolutely gory, brutal, and punishing – two musts for any fan of sardonic humor, twisted gore, and sadistic torture. Any time I am feeling down, I simply watch one or both of these films, and before I know it, I’m cheering on one horribly demented and abhorrent circus sideshow of a barbarous family, and all is well again. Thanks, Mom.

Sidenote: The deleted scenes, which can be found on YouTube, are also fantastic and I highly recommend checking out Rosario Dawson as a nurse having her throat savagely ripped out by the one and only Dr. Satan.” – Megan Osztrosits

Seven – A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

a girl walks home alone at night

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night is a movie that I know the more time I have to sit with, the higher it will end up on my list. This movie isn’t scary, but is about a vampire set in Iran. This film is beautiful and has an incredibly moving atmosphere to it. It’s a very subdued film with minimal dialogue. Sheila Vand who plays “The Girl” (the vampire) is incredible and perfect casting. The soundtrack is perfect and works in contrast to the desolate Iranian backdrop. This film is utterly brilliant and should be seen by as many people as possible.

Six – Evil Dead 2

evil dead 2

The Evil Dead trilogy is a perfect trifecta of films. The first Evil Dead is terrifying. The second is scary, over the top, and has a Three Stooges level of violent humor. Army Of Darkness is basically an action adventure film with the humor of Evil Dead 2. All three are great, but Evil Dead 2 is by far the best. The movie ends up being the Bruce Campbell show, including a scene where he fights himself with dishes and his own severed hand. It also introduces the iconic chainsaw hand.  I assume every horror fan has seen this movie. It’s pretty much perfect. The gore is so  over the top and the blood is often different colors, like green and yellow, to add to the craziness of the entire thing. Bruce Campbell has talked about how brutal it was to shoot this movie because of how physical everything is and it shows. Bruce is often smashed into everything in the room and this was a time before CGI existed.

Five – The Thing

the thing

John Carpenter’s 70’s and 80’s output is pretty much unfuckwithable. Halloween, Big Trouble In Little China, The Fog, and The Thing are all brilliant. The Thing is by far my favorite of his films, though. It’s technically a remake, but you would never know from watching both films. Kurt Russell is the perfect leading man from the 80’s and turns in an excellent performance in The Thing. But let’s be honest, the absolute star of this movie is the practical effects work. This was made in a time before CGI and still looks way better than anything being produced today. The scene with the head tearing away from the body, falling to the floor and growing spider legs is still mind bending. If you haven’t seen The Thing, GO WATCH IT NOW! It’s one of the best movies ever made.

Four – Frozen


Adam Green, the director of Hatchet, took an idea that when I first heard about it, I thought was going to be the dumbest movie ever made. The plot revolves around 3 kids who get stuck on a ski lift over the weekend during a snowstorm. This movie is terrifying in how real it is. It something that can, and probably has happened. It makes you think about what you would do in the same situation. The scene where someone jumps and breaks his legs is brutal and makes me squeamish. The most brutal stuff in the movie is the small things, like falling asleep with your face on the metal bar of the ski lift. Waking up with your cheek frozen to the bar and the frostbite starting to take over. This movie is highly underrated.

Three – Alien


I back the entire Alien Quadrilogy fully. But Alien is definitely the most terrifying. Ridley Scott created the perfect horror/sci-fi film with Alien and the sequels never truly hold up to this one (Aliens comes close). The chest burster scene is so well done and genuinely horrifying. The alien deigned by H.R. Giger is beautiful and totally inspired. But the highlight of Alien is Sigourney Weaver’s portrayal of Ripley. She is tough as nails and doesn’t put up with any of her male counterparts bullshit. Without even trying, Weaver portrays one of, if not the, ultimate horror/action star. Ripley forever!

Two – Let The Right One In

let the right one in

Let The Right One In is such a beautiful and well written, directed, and acted movie. It’s made me tear up or full on cry every time I’ve watched it. Lina Leandersson’s portrayal of Eli is completely androgynous and beautiful and heartfelt. You can’t not feel for her. The same goes for the character of Oskar. All you want throughout the entire film is for them to end up happy. I hold this movie in the highest regard. It’s easily in my top 5 all time movies. It’s got a similar feel to A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night. It’s not really scary, although Let The Right One In has much more violence. The entire film banks on your feelings for Eli and Oskar. Most people can probably relate to growing up and not feeling like you fit in, or getting picked on. Watching Eli encourage Oskar to stand up for himself, or taking it upon herself to help him not be messed with is great. Their friendship (relationship?) is beautifully portrayed and all culminates in one of the most heartwarming and beautifully shot endings I’ve ever seen. The swimming pool scene where you don’t see what happens, just the aftermath, is incredible and ballsy. In fact, everything from the swimming pool scene to the true ending is what makes me cry. It’s so fulfilling to see Eli come back and help Oskar. It makes my heart swell. It’s actually making me tear up just typing this. That’s how much this film means to me. Skip the remake. The Swedish version is forever the best and should be seen by everyone whether they are into horror movies or not.

One – Dawn Of The Dead

dawn of the dead

Dawn Of The Dead is my all time favorite movie. I’ve been in love with it and George Romero’s work ever since I first saw Dawn Of The Dead when I was 15. I think it’s the perfect zombie movie, in that it focuses on the group of survivors with the zombies as the background. It’s the same thing that makes The Walking Dead comics work so well (which I assume Robert Kirkman was majorly inspired by Romero’s Dead films). You get to watch this group of people who barely know each other finding a safe space, fortifying it, and then slowly splintering due to constantly being stuck with each other. They think they have everything they want living in this mall, but become bored with having everything they thought they always wanted at their fingertips. George Romero always has some strong social commentary in his writing, and Dawn Of The Dead is a perfect example. The zombies all converge on the mall because it’s “all the know.” They’re coming back to the place that they just mindlessly went to when they were alive. It’s consumer culture being shown themselves in a mirror. It’s also a film where no one is likable. You end up finding yourself routing for the zombies. In fact, Flyboy is so unlikable to me that I could watch him being swarmed in the elevator forever. I’ve actually been to the Monroeville Mall and completely geeked out on the two parts of the mall that are still in tact from the movie, especially the escalator. I could go on forever about Dawn Of The Dead, but people that are more articulate than me have done a much better job. This is the only movie that could possibly top Let The Right One In for me on this list. Dawn Of The Dead basically solidified the mythos of what we think of as zombies today. My entire fascination and love affair with everything involving zombies started here. I’ve owned at least 6 different versions on DVD and will watch any documentary with George Romero talking about any of his work on the Dead movies, even though I’ve heard all of the stories hundreds of times at this point. I have distinct memories of who I’ve watched this movie with throughout my life and can remember what stores I bought the DVDs at. It’s a movie that is so ingrained into my being at this point that I think about it at least once a day and it always makes me happy.

I had a hard time figuring out what movies would be on this list. In truth, it would have basically been all classics. It was painful not having Re-Animator, Dead Alive, Suspiria, and The Exorcist on here, but I wanted to have a good mix of classics and more modern films. I think I did a pretty good job of making that happen. I want to give a sincere thanks to Megan for helping out with the Devil’s Rejects part. I’m really glad I finally found a part for her on Xtapolapometal since she’s seen about half of a Simpsons episode ever. She is a pretty amazing person and everyone should absolutely check out her band, Couch Slut. And watch any movie on this list you’ve never seen. They’re all pretty easily available (except for Night Of The Lepus). This was genuinely a daunting task to put together and I’m pretty proud of it. Thanks so much if you checked it out and feel free to leave me a comment here or on Twitter to tell me what your favorite horror movies are. I’m always on the lookout for new ones.

BCW – Axeslasher


Horror movies and heavy metal have always gone hand in hand. Horror movies are a major influence on most metal bands lyrics, especially death and thrash metal. Movies have also started to take influences from metal. A movie like Deathgasam, which features this weeks Band Crush Wednesday band on the soundtrack, is so steeped in heavy metal culture. When a band is heavily invested in horror themes, some great work can come out of it.

Axeslasher is a thrash metal band from Denver, Colorado, that takes it’s horror and metal seriously, while still realizing how goofy a lot of it can be. A song like ‘Invasion Of The Babesnatchers’ doesn’t come along without someone who understands that you can love something dearly and still poke fun at it. Axeslasher ride that line perfectly. Their first album, Anthology Of Terror, Vol. 1, is a good mix of circle pit inducing riffs and lyrics ranging from sci-fi/horror movie goodness to real life serial killer inspirations. It’s an ode to all things metal and gory.

Axeslasher also has some of the best merch. Everyone should definitely go to their website (link at the bottom) and buy an “Eat Pizza And Worship Satan” t-shirt.

Justin, the main man behind Axeslasher, recently had his second apperance on the Full Metal Hipster podcast. You can listen to that HERE!

Follow Axeslasher at:
Axeslasher Bandcamp
Axeslasher Twitter
Axeslasher Facebook

Retrospective: Send More Paramedics

send more paramedics

Send More Paramedics are probably the only band that can claim to have “risen from the grave” at their inception. Playing crossover thrash and using the gimmick of being a band of zombies (their name is a reference to Return Of The Living Dead), the band existed from 2001-2007, when they broke up with the claim that their bodies had decomposed far too much to carry on. Complete conviction to the end.

Featuring fast hardcore/Slayer style riffs, old school trash drums, and high pitched vocals fit for the living dead, Send More Paramedics sound straight out of the late 80’s thrash scene. Their fusion of punk, hardcore, and metal with their zombie gimmick were a much needed shot of fun to the metal scene. Lyrically, they use a lot of references to movies like Dawn Of The Dead, Return Of The Living Dead, and Zombie/Zombie Flesh Eaters.

During their time as a band, they released 3 full lengths (A Feast For The Fallen, The Hallowed & The Heathen, and The Awakening), 2 splits (one with The Nothing and one with Zombie Apocalypse), and a post mortem compilation. Send More Paramedics seemed to fly under the radar and broke up before the big zombie boom with stuff like the Walking Dead exploding into popular culture. This retrospective will be a list of 10 songs throughout their career that I think best encapsulates their work. I have been a huge fan of Send More Paramedics since first hearing the song “The Hordes”, a song about my favorite horror movie of all time, Dawn Of The Dead. I hope this introduces the band to at least a handful of new fans.

The Hordes (from A Feast For The Fallen)

The Hordes is the opening track from the debut Send More Paramedics album. This was the song that introduced me to the band. The recording on A Feast For The Fallen is definitely the most raw of all of their output, but it really works for tracks like this. The vocals are almost indecipherable at points, but has one of the best choruses (“When there’s no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the Earth!”). This song encompasses everything great about their first album: fast, raw, and catchy.

I Can Feel Myself Rotting (from The Hallowed & The Heathen)

I Can Feel Myself Rotting is one of three super short songs in Send More Paramedics discography. Lasting only 30 seconds and an obvious reference to the iconic scene from Return Of The Living Dead, Send More Paramedics prove they don’t need the normal 3+ minutes to get their point across.

Zombie Crew (from The Hallowed & The Heathen)

Zombie Crew is without of a doubt the goofiest of Send More Paramedics songs. It’s also probably their most well known. Throughout the blatantly goofy lyrics (“back from the dead, going to the show. I cannot feel my pulse but I’m still gonna go.”) is an incredible catchy song that shows off their more hardcore/punk side. I believe this is their first of three music videos.

Burning The Body (from The Hallowed & The Heathen)

This is a song that I bet was fun live. The sing along of “Burning the body!” in the chorus was probably a staple of their live show. Burning The Body, a reference to Zombie Flesh Eaters 2, is one of the best examples of when Sam (B’Hellmouth) uses his talking/storytelling vocal style during the verse.

Zombie Versus Shark (from Tales Told By Dead Men split with Zombie Apocalypse)

Zombie Versus Shark is probably my second favorite Send More Paramedics songs. The Zombie Apocalypse split is also one of my favorite splits of all time. Both bands are great and totally crush it on their respective sides of the split. This song is a reference to a scene from Zombie (or Zombie Flesh Eaters) by Lucio Fulci in which a woman witnesses one of the undead having an encounter with a shark. It’s one of the craziest movie scenes since this was done with a real shark. The lyrics go a bit farther and consider what would happen is a shark ate a zombie which then eats the shark from the inside out. Feeding frenzy!

Nothing Tastes Like This (from Tales Told By Dead Men split with Zombie Apocalypse)

Nothing Tastes Like This, an ode to eating human flesh, is the start of Send More Paramedics refining their sound into what it would become on The Awakening. This is where they started to take things more seriously and write really great crossover thrash songs. It’s also where I think they started to run out of ideas with songs about zombies and expand into general cannibalism.

Follow Your Programming (from The Awakening)

This song rules so much. Everything from the fast riffs to the awesome hardcore breakdown and sing along at the end just makes me so happy. This song is a perfect example as to where Send More Paramedics started to expand themselves lyrically into themes less zombie related, but still sort of zombie related. Following whatever your programming is regardless of whether it’s right or wrong like a zombie. Also, did I mention how great the end of this song is?!?

The Awakening (from The Awakening)

The Awakening came with a bonus disc of John Carpenter/Goblin style synth music. A soundtrack to the zombie apocalypse, the album is very influenced by Goblin’s Dawn Of The Dead soundtrack. The Awakening is the last track and features a spoken word story line about the beginning of the zombie outbreak. The story is well written and the music is beautiful.

Blood Fever (from The Awakening)

Blood Fever is my favorite and what I think is the quintessential Send More Paramedics song. I think it’s the culmination of all of their metal, hardcore, and punk influences merging together and rivals any other crossover thrash song. It sounds like it could have been written in the 80’s, which works perfectly for the bands sound. The breakdown at the end is pretty great and I imagine went over like crazy live.

Send More Paramedics and their label In At The Deep End Records don’t seem to have anything available on Bandcamp, but all of the Send More Paramedics albums are on Spotify. Also, I believe all of their albums are available on CD from In At The Deep End’s store through their website.

Smartline – Treehouse Of Horror Edition


This week, all Xtapolapometal posts will be Treehouse Of Horror/horror movie and music related. To kick it off, a special Smartline dedicated to cool Treehouse Of Horror related pins/patches/art/etc.

I Voted For Kodos sticker


BxE Buttons has these awesome “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted For Kodos” stickers for sale in their Etsy shop. $3 each.

Gremlin Bart drawing

gremlin bart

DrewCottomArt has these Gremlin Bart drawings in his Etsy shop. $15 each.

The Raven Bart lapel pin


Loud & Obnoxious is selling these awesome lapel pins from probably the most popular Treehouse Of Horror segment. $8 each.

Kodos And Kang patches


These Kodos and Kang pacthes are being sold on eBay. You can grab a set for $13.99.

Eye On Springfield with Seth Werkheiser

eye on springfield

Seth Werkheiser and heavy metal go way back. But instead of focusing on the past, let’s talk about what Seth currently focuses on: Skull Toaster. Since 2011, Skull Toaster has been putting out nerdy metal trivia on Twitter, for those that want to interact, and nightly emails for those who want the full story. It’s always fun to see what he and his Skull Toaster team come up with. And on occasion, Seth is able to do giveaways, such as brand new CDs from the likes of High On Fire and Royal Thunder. Seth is also probably one of the nicest people on the planet. He’s a guy that I feel privileged to have in my life, even if it’s through something as small as Twitter.

What is your history with The Simpsons? Do you remember the first time you saw the show?

I should have been watching this during my high school years, but I just never did. It was later on in life that I actually sat down and watched a single episode. I don’t think it was until the late 90s that I watched an episode, but I remember it looked a lot different than when I first saw it, and it made me laugh, so I guess I kept with it.

Who is your favorite character?
Probably Ralph Wiggum. I loved his naiveté. I mean, he’s a kid, sure, but he seemed so cut off from trying to be cool or fitting in, so maybe that’s why I like him so much. At one time I had a computer sound that said, “Oh boy, sleep! That’s where I’m a viking!” That lasted all of 12 seconds, but still, I love his character.

Do you have a favorite episode(s)?

The “Homer to the Max” episode, from the 10th season. This seems to line up with my, “I didn’t really start watching until the late 90s” theory.

The Simpsons has a wide array of guest stars. Do you have a favorite?
I suppose Tony Hawk, just because of the lines like, “time to take out the thrash” and “I make up words, too.”Who from the world of metal would you love to see guest on the show?Bobby Blitz from Overkill. He freaking deserves it. He has the voice, the hair, still putting out great music. Him and his wife run a chocolate shop, so I could see a visit by Ned Flanders turning out pretty tragically.


Do you have a favorite musical number from The Simpsons? Also, what band would you love to see cover said song?
A tie between Monorail and See My Vest. Does the commercial for “Canyonero” count? Dear lord, that’s awesome. Since Hank Williams, Jr. did it originally I’d like to hear Hank 3 do it with Superjoint Ritual.

I’ve always thought Lisa Simpson would be the one character to end up getting into punk or metal. Who do you think will grow up and discover metal or punk?
Oh, Milhouse for sure. He was already into comic books, so it’s not a stretch to see collecting post-metal vinyl. He’d be all about Kowloon Walled City and Isis and stuff, I think.

Do you still watch new episodes of the show? If not, do you remember what made you stop watching?
I don’t, because watching stuff just isn’t part of my life, really. I’m not the “I don’t even own a TV!” person, but I just don’t even have Netflix on my computer. I mostly catch up on TV shows and stuff through friends, where we’ll binge-watch 30 episodes of something in an evening, you know? I think I stopped in the mid 2000s really, when I was living in NYC and just busy all the time between working or sleeping, and just never made time for it.

How would you like to see the series end? Any ideas on where you would like to see the family end up?
It can never end! It should seriously keep going. They’ll never get rid of those late night TV show franchises, so I say keep it going. Heck, I think I saw the Muppets is coming back to TV, and that’ll all be different. I think it’d be cool for it to keep going, and then as new fans discover the show, they can dig through the decades of old seasons.

Seth has a Patreon set up for people that are interested in supporting him with his work with Skull Toaster. You should definitely check it out and if it sounds like something you’d like to help him out with, go HERE and lend him a hand!
Follow Seth and Skull Toaster at:
Skull Toaster Website (Sign up for the emails! They’re pretty great!)

Album Review – Corpspazm EP by Corpspazm


Southern California’s Corpspazm are back with an EP full of their murky, grim, and crusty take on black/death metal. With a heavy dose of black and thrash metal, ala late 80’s South America, and plenty of punk attitutde, Corpspazm pull off something a lot of bands can’t do: sound old school while retaining a bit of modern flare. With it’s buzzsaw guitar and vocals drenched in reverb, the EP sounds like it was recorded in a fancy studio’s basement. There is a clarity that bubbles up out of the murkiness from time to time.

Songs like ‘Bound To Rot’ and ‘Total Carnage’ sound like the perfect mix of everything that was going on in the late 80s/early 90s tape trading communities. I’d swear you could even hear the classic cassette tape hiss and pop while listening to the mp3s.

With 6 songs in 15 minutes, Corpspazm released a superb album of extreme metal that is fun in it’s dedication to everything old school and evil.

If you want a physical copy, it’s limited to100, so act quick. Go to Broken Limb Recordings now! Digital copies can also be purchased through Broken Limb Recording’s Bandcamp!

BCW – Archivist


Archivist came into my world a little while back when I randomly came across them one day while digging through Bandcamp. I immediately became hooked on their beautiful take on atmospheric black metal, but couldn’t shake the feeling that they seemed familiar somehow. Cut to about a month later and I was informed that Archivist has ex-members of the band Light Bearer. Knowing that, you can see exactly where Archivist is coming from. They have the same beauty that was part of Light Bearer’s sound, this time with a heavier black metal influence instead of doom.
Archivist dabble in a light an airy field of black metal, not unlike the latest Vattnet Viskar album. So far, they’ve only released one self-titled album, full of ethereal beauty. There also seems to be some slight post-hardcore influences going on, especially in some of the vocals.
I highly recommend checking out Archivist, especially for fans of bands like Vattnet Viskar, Hope Drone, or Deafheaven.

Follow Archivist at:

Archivist Bandcamp

Archivist Facebook



This weeks Smartline, I’m going to highlight some Simpsons patches and pins. Most of these are extremely limited, so if you like them, jump on them fast!

The Funeral Club


The Funeral Club has two Simpsons patches for sale, including this amazing Moe patch (also sold as a pin).



Xinaxiii made these adorable Snowball mummy patches. She also Bart ghost patches and stickers, and a baphomet Homer sticker (the pin sold out very soon. I have one and it’s amazing looking).

Hoard 90


Hoard 90 has these awesome Scratchy ice cream cone pins up for pre-order!

Degenerate Scholar


Degenerate Scholars have these awesomely creepy Marge pins up for sale. They also sell a mini art zine with a very bizarre drawing of Homer in it.

Eye On Springfield with Paul Ravenwood

eye on springfield

I’ve written about Paul’s work on Xtapolapometal before. He’s the mastermind behind the black metal project Twilight Fauna. He also releases some incredible neo-folk albums with his project Green Elder. With Twilight Fauna, Paul creates harsh black metal with walls of guitar and very minimal drums, sort of a Sunn O)))  version of black metal. He also infuses his work with plenty of Appalachian influences. Counteracting all of the harshness of Twilight Fauna, Green Elder is a lot more introspective and laid back, reminiscent of sitting around a campfire while someone plays an old acoustic guitar. All of his work is pretty original and passionate. Paul is also an amazing guy and I’m truly honored to have him answer some nerdy Simpsons questions for me.

What is your history with The Simpsons? Do you remember the first time you saw the show?

The Simpsons have been on for as long as I can remember so it’s sort of always been there. The first episode that I really remember sticking with me is the Christmas episode where they get Santa’s Little Helper. I think that might be the series premiere actually. For whatever reason, someone in my family taped that episode so I had an old VHS copy that I would watch pretty often as a kid.

Who is your favorite character?
Probably Moe. He seems like a cool old guy whose seen some things in his life. I would definitely like for him to serve me a beer and listen to his stories.
Do you have a favorite episode(s)?
Either the first Christmas episode or Itchy and Scratchy Land. I’ve got a soft spot for small violent animals.
The Simpsons has a wide array of guest stars. Do you have a favorite?
The recent episode with Rob Halford. Judas Priest has been my favorite band since I was about 10 years old. I love anything Priest related.
Who from the world of metal would you love to see guest on the show?
Definitely Fenriz. He seems like a hilarious human being so I think he would fit well into the Simpson’s universe.
What character would you be most excited to find out was a fan of your work?
Probably Lisa just because I know she has an appreciation for music. Or maybe Otto, it’s cool to think of him listening to Twilight Fauna while driving the school bus.
Do you have a favorite musical number from The Simpsons? Also, what band would you love to see cover said song?
I love Lisa’s union strike song. When I first heard it, I immediately thought of the Dropkick Murphys. It sounds just like a Murphys’ song. It seems like natural fit for them to cover it.
I’ve always thought Lisa Simpson would be the one character to end up getting into punk or metal. Who do you think will grow up and discover metal or punk?
That would have to be Milhouse. I can imagine him holing up in his room and blasting some metal to let go of his frustrations. He’s a loner that gets bullied, Milhouse is definitely a secret black metal fan.
Do you still watch new episodes of the show? If not, do you remember what made you stop watching?
I usually watch them as part of the block of animated shows that come on Sunday nights. Although, admittedly I lean more toward Bob’s Burgers these days. I kinda wish they would end it just to preserve how amazing the show has been for so many years. The worst thing would be for it to start going downhill.
How would you like to see the series end? Any ideas on where you would like to see the family end up?
That’s a tough question. I would ultimately like to see a happy ending but I don’t want a final episode where it shows the kids grown up or anything like that. I would much rather them be remembered as the snapshot in time of the way the family’s always been.

Paul recently had his latest Twilight Fauna full length, Shadows Of Ancestors, finally get a physical release. You can go HERE to pick it up on CD and HERE for cassettes. He also has a stunning split 7 inch with Jennifer Christensen up for pre-order on the Twilight Fauna Bandcamp page (link at the bottom). I reviewed it on here a couple weeks ago. You can read that HERE, then go pick it up. It’s excellent.

Follow Paul at the following:
Twilight Fauna Bandcamp
Green Elder Bandcamp
Twilight Fauna Twitter
Twilight Fauna Facebook