BCW- Wildspeaker


Over the last week, I’ve become infatuated with Dallas-Fort Worth band, Wildspeaker. Being influenced by “punk, hardcore, doom, black metal, the downfall of human civilization, and Magic The Gathering”, Wildspeaker combine blistering fast hardcore with some slower doomy parts to keep the listener from being beaten into a bloody pulp. Plus, Natalie laid down some of the most ferocious vocals I’ve heard in a while. Lyrically, they’re pretty much on point with everything I ever want in a heavy band: songs about human beings ruining everything (“Let the lands cry out. They silently beg us to quietly retreat on hind legs. Fauna and flora grieve, we are the invasive species”). in fact, a lot of their lyrics have a very “give everything back to nature” type stance that I can totally get behind.

Wildspeaker have one EP and one demo to their name, and recently released their fantastic first full length, Survey The Wreckage. All three are on their Bandcamp for Pay What You Want, but don’t be a dick and throw them some cash if you can. They deserve it.


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