BCW – Archivist


Archivist came into my world a little while back when I randomly came across them one day while digging through Bandcamp. I immediately became hooked on their beautiful take on atmospheric black metal, but couldn’t shake the feeling that they seemed familiar somehow. Cut to about a month later and I was informed that Archivist has ex-members of the band Light Bearer. Knowing that, you can see exactly where Archivist is coming from. They have the same beauty that was part of Light Bearer’s sound, this time with a heavier black metal influence instead of doom.
Archivist dabble in a light an airy field of black metal, not unlike the latest Vattnet Viskar album. So far, they’ve only released one self-titled album, full of ethereal beauty. There also seems to be some slight post-hardcore influences going on, especially in some of the vocals.
I highly recommend checking out Archivist, especially for fans of bands like Vattnet Viskar, Hope Drone, or Deafheaven.

Follow Archivist at:

Archivist Bandcamp

Archivist Facebook


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