Album Review – Corpspazm EP by Corpspazm


Southern California’s Corpspazm are back with an EP full of their murky, grim, and crusty take on black/death metal. With a heavy dose of black and thrash metal, ala late 80’s South America, and plenty of punk attitutde, Corpspazm pull off something a lot of bands can’t do: sound old school while retaining a bit of modern flare. With it’s buzzsaw guitar and vocals drenched in reverb, the EP sounds like it was recorded in a fancy studio’s basement. There is a clarity that bubbles up out of the murkiness from time to time.

Songs like ‘Bound To Rot’ and ‘Total Carnage’ sound like the perfect mix of everything that was going on in the late 80s/early 90s tape trading communities. I’d swear you could even hear the classic cassette tape hiss and pop while listening to the mp3s.

With 6 songs in 15 minutes, Corpspazm released a superb album of extreme metal that is fun in it’s dedication to everything old school and evil.

If you want a physical copy, it’s limited to100, so act quick. Go to Broken Limb Recordings now! Digital copies can also be purchased through Broken Limb Recording’s Bandcamp!


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