Eye On Springfield with Seth Werkheiser

eye on springfield

Seth Werkheiser and heavy metal go way back. But instead of focusing on the past, let’s talk about what Seth currently focuses on: Skull Toaster. Since 2011, Skull Toaster has been putting out nerdy metal trivia on Twitter, for those that want to interact, and nightly emails for those who want the full story. It’s always fun to see what he and his Skull Toaster team come up with. And on occasion, Seth is able to do giveaways, such as brand new CDs from the likes of High On Fire and Royal Thunder. Seth is also probably one of the nicest people on the planet. He’s a guy that I feel privileged to have in my life, even if it’s through something as small as Twitter.

What is your history with The Simpsons? Do you remember the first time you saw the show?

I should have been watching this during my high school years, but I just never did. It was later on in life that I actually sat down and watched a single episode. I don’t think it was until the late 90s that I watched an episode, but I remember it looked a lot different than when I first saw it, and it made me laugh, so I guess I kept with it.

Who is your favorite character?
Probably Ralph Wiggum. I loved his naiveté. I mean, he’s a kid, sure, but he seemed so cut off from trying to be cool or fitting in, so maybe that’s why I like him so much. At one time I had a computer sound that said, “Oh boy, sleep! That’s where I’m a viking!” That lasted all of 12 seconds, but still, I love his character.

Do you have a favorite episode(s)?

The “Homer to the Max” episode, from the 10th season. This seems to line up with my, “I didn’t really start watching until the late 90s” theory.

The Simpsons has a wide array of guest stars. Do you have a favorite?
I suppose Tony Hawk, just because of the lines like, “time to take out the thrash” and “I make up words, too.”Who from the world of metal would you love to see guest on the show?Bobby Blitz from Overkill. He freaking deserves it. He has the voice, the hair, still putting out great music. Him and his wife run a chocolate shop, so I could see a visit by Ned Flanders turning out pretty tragically.


Do you have a favorite musical number from The Simpsons? Also, what band would you love to see cover said song?
A tie between Monorail and See My Vest. Does the commercial for “Canyonero” count? Dear lord, that’s awesome. Since Hank Williams, Jr. did it originally I’d like to hear Hank 3 do it with Superjoint Ritual.

I’ve always thought Lisa Simpson would be the one character to end up getting into punk or metal. Who do you think will grow up and discover metal or punk?
Oh, Milhouse for sure. He was already into comic books, so it’s not a stretch to see collecting post-metal vinyl. He’d be all about Kowloon Walled City and Isis and stuff, I think.

Do you still watch new episodes of the show? If not, do you remember what made you stop watching?
I don’t, because watching stuff just isn’t part of my life, really. I’m not the “I don’t even own a TV!” person, but I just don’t even have Netflix on my computer. I mostly catch up on TV shows and stuff through friends, where we’ll binge-watch 30 episodes of something in an evening, you know? I think I stopped in the mid 2000s really, when I was living in NYC and just busy all the time between working or sleeping, and just never made time for it.

How would you like to see the series end? Any ideas on where you would like to see the family end up?
It can never end! It should seriously keep going. They’ll never get rid of those late night TV show franchises, so I say keep it going. Heck, I think I saw the Muppets is coming back to TV, and that’ll all be different. I think it’d be cool for it to keep going, and then as new fans discover the show, they can dig through the decades of old seasons.

Seth has a Patreon set up for people that are interested in supporting him with his work with Skull Toaster. You should definitely check it out and if it sounds like something you’d like to help him out with, go HERE and lend him a hand!
Follow Seth and Skull Toaster at:
Skull Toaster Website (Sign up for the emails! They’re pretty great!)

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