Smartline – Treehouse Of Horror Edition


This week, all Xtapolapometal posts will be Treehouse Of Horror/horror movie and music related. To kick it off, a special Smartline dedicated to cool Treehouse Of Horror related pins/patches/art/etc.

I Voted For Kodos sticker


BxE Buttons has these awesome “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted For Kodos” stickers for sale in their Etsy shop. $3 each.

Gremlin Bart drawing

gremlin bart

DrewCottomArt has these Gremlin Bart drawings in his Etsy shop. $15 each.

The Raven Bart lapel pin


Loud & Obnoxious is selling these awesome lapel pins from probably the most popular Treehouse Of Horror segment. $8 each.

Kodos And Kang patches


These Kodos and Kang pacthes are being sold on eBay. You can grab a set for $13.99.


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