Retrospective: Send More Paramedics

send more paramedics

Send More Paramedics are probably the only band that can claim to have “risen from the grave” at their inception. Playing crossover thrash and using the gimmick of being a band of zombies (their name is a reference to Return Of The Living Dead), the band existed from 2001-2007, when they broke up with the claim that their bodies had decomposed far too much to carry on. Complete conviction to the end.

Featuring fast hardcore/Slayer style riffs, old school trash drums, and high pitched vocals fit for the living dead, Send More Paramedics sound straight out of the late 80’s thrash scene. Their fusion of punk, hardcore, and metal with their zombie gimmick were a much needed shot of fun to the metal scene. Lyrically, they use a lot of references to movies like Dawn Of The Dead, Return Of The Living Dead, and Zombie/Zombie Flesh Eaters.

During their time as a band, they released 3 full lengths (A Feast For The Fallen, The Hallowed & The Heathen, and The Awakening), 2 splits (one with The Nothing and one with Zombie Apocalypse), and a post mortem compilation. Send More Paramedics seemed to fly under the radar and broke up before the big zombie boom with stuff like the Walking Dead exploding into popular culture. This retrospective will be a list of 10 songs throughout their career that I think best encapsulates their work. I have been a huge fan of Send More Paramedics since first hearing the song “The Hordes”, a song about my favorite horror movie of all time, Dawn Of The Dead. I hope this introduces the band to at least a handful of new fans.

The Hordes (from A Feast For The Fallen)

The Hordes is the opening track from the debut Send More Paramedics album. This was the song that introduced me to the band. The recording on A Feast For The Fallen is definitely the most raw of all of their output, but it really works for tracks like this. The vocals are almost indecipherable at points, but has one of the best choruses (“When there’s no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the Earth!”). This song encompasses everything great about their first album: fast, raw, and catchy.

I Can Feel Myself Rotting (from The Hallowed & The Heathen)

I Can Feel Myself Rotting is one of three super short songs in Send More Paramedics discography. Lasting only 30 seconds and an obvious reference to the iconic scene from Return Of The Living Dead, Send More Paramedics prove they don’t need the normal 3+ minutes to get their point across.

Zombie Crew (from The Hallowed & The Heathen)

Zombie Crew is without of a doubt the goofiest of Send More Paramedics songs. It’s also probably their most well known. Throughout the blatantly goofy lyrics (“back from the dead, going to the show. I cannot feel my pulse but I’m still gonna go.”) is an incredible catchy song that shows off their more hardcore/punk side. I believe this is their first of three music videos.

Burning The Body (from The Hallowed & The Heathen)

This is a song that I bet was fun live. The sing along of “Burning the body!” in the chorus was probably a staple of their live show. Burning The Body, a reference to Zombie Flesh Eaters 2, is one of the best examples of when Sam (B’Hellmouth) uses his talking/storytelling vocal style during the verse.

Zombie Versus Shark (from Tales Told By Dead Men split with Zombie Apocalypse)

Zombie Versus Shark is probably my second favorite Send More Paramedics songs. The Zombie Apocalypse split is also one of my favorite splits of all time. Both bands are great and totally crush it on their respective sides of the split. This song is a reference to a scene from Zombie (or Zombie Flesh Eaters) by Lucio Fulci in which a woman witnesses one of the undead having an encounter with a shark. It’s one of the craziest movie scenes since this was done with a real shark. The lyrics go a bit farther and consider what would happen is a shark ate a zombie which then eats the shark from the inside out. Feeding frenzy!

Nothing Tastes Like This (from Tales Told By Dead Men split with Zombie Apocalypse)

Nothing Tastes Like This, an ode to eating human flesh, is the start of Send More Paramedics refining their sound into what it would become on The Awakening. This is where they started to take things more seriously and write really great crossover thrash songs. It’s also where I think they started to run out of ideas with songs about zombies and expand into general cannibalism.

Follow Your Programming (from The Awakening)

This song rules so much. Everything from the fast riffs to the awesome hardcore breakdown and sing along at the end just makes me so happy. This song is a perfect example as to where Send More Paramedics started to expand themselves lyrically into themes less zombie related, but still sort of zombie related. Following whatever your programming is regardless of whether it’s right or wrong like a zombie. Also, did I mention how great the end of this song is?!?

The Awakening (from The Awakening)

The Awakening came with a bonus disc of John Carpenter/Goblin style synth music. A soundtrack to the zombie apocalypse, the album is very influenced by Goblin’s Dawn Of The Dead soundtrack. The Awakening is the last track and features a spoken word story line about the beginning of the zombie outbreak. The story is well written and the music is beautiful.

Blood Fever (from The Awakening)

Blood Fever is my favorite and what I think is the quintessential Send More Paramedics song. I think it’s the culmination of all of their metal, hardcore, and punk influences merging together and rivals any other crossover thrash song. It sounds like it could have been written in the 80’s, which works perfectly for the bands sound. The breakdown at the end is pretty great and I imagine went over like crazy live.

Send More Paramedics and their label In At The Deep End Records don’t seem to have anything available on Bandcamp, but all of the Send More Paramedics albums are on Spotify. Also, I believe all of their albums are available on CD from In At The Deep End’s store through their website.


2 thoughts on “Retrospective: Send More Paramedics

  1. Growing up as a ‘horror punk’ teen in England, Send More Paramedics were always something to boast about as a local band. Much heavier than any Misfits rip off, they really had something unique. Not entirely sure if it’s true that the band members started hitting walls with the zombie gimmick, and although I loved them for it, it wouldn’t surprise me if it just got tiresome.


    • It must be hard to write 40 something songs all themed around zombies. I figure they either hit a wall or wanted to expand a bit. Either way, I won’t complain. The Awakening is a great album.
      Also. I’m super jealous of anyone who has been able to see them live.


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