BCW – Axeslasher


Horror movies and heavy metal have always gone hand in hand. Horror movies are a major influence on most metal bands lyrics, especially death and thrash metal. Movies have also started to take influences from metal. A movie like Deathgasam, which features this weeks Band Crush Wednesday band on the soundtrack, is so steeped in heavy metal culture. When a band is heavily invested in horror themes, some great work can come out of it.

Axeslasher is a thrash metal band from Denver, Colorado, that takes it’s horror and metal seriously, while still realizing how goofy a lot of it can be. A song like ‘Invasion Of The Babesnatchers’ doesn’t come along without someone who understands that you can love something dearly and still poke fun at it. Axeslasher ride that line perfectly. Their first album, Anthology Of Terror, Vol. 1, is a good mix of circle pit inducing riffs and lyrics ranging from sci-fi/horror movie goodness to real life serial killer inspirations. It’s an ode to all things metal and gory.

Axeslasher also has some of the best merch. Everyone should definitely go to their website (link at the bottom) and buy an “Eat Pizza And Worship Satan” t-shirt.

Justin, the main man behind Axeslasher, recently had his second apperance on the Full Metal Hipster podcast. You can listen to that HERE!

Follow Axeslasher at:
Axeslasher Bandcamp
Axeslasher Twitter
Axeslasher Facebook


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