BCW – Regnvm Animale


Fan of black metal? Crust? D-beat? Punk? How about what Darkthrone has been doing for the last couple of years? Then Regnvm Animale might be right up your alley.

Regnvm Animale are a two piece from Sweden. Their melodic take on black metal and crust is invigorating. They also have a good amount of melody that makes their songs memorable. Especially when it comes to their riffs and added use of folk music. Their take on black metal has a bit of a Refused feel to me, that could be the Swedish lyrics, but it totally works. Regnvm Animale’s albums are a fun listen, even with the lyrics revolving around the downfall of civilization and what it’s like to be human in the world today.

Having released their second full length, Et sic in infinitum, in October, now is a good time to check them out. The album boils down to old school d-beat and punk played through a black metal filter and works so well. Both of their albums are Pay What You Want on Bandcamp, so you have no excuses. Don’t sleep on these guys.

Follow Regnvm Animale at:
Regnvm Animale Bandcamp
Regnvm Animale Facebook


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