smartline 2

First off, I have about 4 more interviews lined up which means 4 more weeks of regular posts. After that, I’ll probably take a 2 or 3 week break just based on my work schedule being crazy for the next month or two. Anyway, this weeks Smartline is a revisit to the work of Thrillhaus and a couple new patches he’s made.



I remember seeing this patch being teased months ago and have been vigilantly keeping an eye on the Thrillhaus Instagram account. I bought it as soon as it was put up for sale. It’s probably my favorite Simpsons related patch I’ve ever seen. Buy it before they sell out! Get it for $6 HERE!

Brak Flag


This one isn’t Simpsons related, but I love Space Ghost Coast To Coast and The Brak Show. This patch made me laugh out loud when I first saw it. It’s pretty genius. Also, My War by Black Flag is easily my favorite Black Flag album. Pick this up for $6 HERE!


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