Six Degrees: Vattnet Viskar


This is a new thing I’m going to try and do periodically where I spotlight some of the smaller bands/projects from members of “bigger” bands. For the first one, I wanted to talk about the bands featuring current members of Vattnet Viskar. All of these are far from the atmospheric black metal Vattnet Viskar has perfected, but are all excellent. Hopefully you find something you like and support these projects because they all deserve it.

Vattnet Viskar is currently on tour and you should go see them if they’re playing near you. Check for dates at

Hetfield & Hetfield

First up is my favorite of the groups, Hetfield & Hetfield. Featuring Vattnet Viskar’s bass player, Casey Aylward, on guitar and vocals, H&H music is a mix of pop punk and metal. Think The Dillinger Escape Plan covering Coheed & Cambria with Chris Conely from Saves The Day on vocals. Or something. Their sound is pretty out there. And it’s amazing. I’m a massive fan of Hetfield’s music and listen to them at least once a week. Casey’s vocals and lyrics are a highlight, as are Brett’s drums. They’ve have three releases (Plays The Hits, Tidal Wave Dreams, and Hetfield & Hetfield) on Bandcamp, all of which I highly suggest picking up. Give these songs a couple listens because they’re pretty weird but completely amazing when they click with you. Check them out HERE!

Rust Belt

Rust Belt is a solo project from Vattnet Viskar’s guitar player, Chris Alfieri. So far, Rust Belt has released one EP full of beautiful ambient soundtrack style recordings in tribute to the films of Michael Mann. Chris is a huge fan of Tangerine Dream, whose soundtrack work is a big influence on Rust Belt’s sound. Featuring guitar, synth, and drum machine, the EP is a great start to something I hope Chris continues to work on when he has time. I’d love to hear more from him in this style. Check out Rust Belt HERE!


Astronoid is a band, like Hetfield & Hetfield, that is hard to explain. Their sound is rooted in metal, with a massive space rock influence. Astronoid is the brainchild of Brett Boland and features guest spots from both Casey Aylward and Nicholas Thornbury of Vattnet Viskar. Casey provides the guitar solo on the song ‘Stargazer’ from the Stargazer EP, while Nicholas appears on the November EP. Astronoid is set to release a new album sometime soon that I can’t wait for. All of their songs are pretty incredible. Check out Astronoid HERE!

My Fictions

My Fictions is a hardcore/punk band in the vein of Touche Amore or Defeater. Featuring Vattnet Viskar drummer Seamus Menihane, My Fictions have a handful of releases that are a must listen for anyone into modern day hardcore. Stranger Songs, their latest release is especially great and features some of my favorite work Seamus has done. Don’t sleep on this! Check them out HERE!

Fever Dream

Lastly, Fever Dream is another band that Seamus Menihane drums for, this time in a more laid back indie rock/emo style. Fever Dream have released one EP full of extremely well done rock songs. If you’re a fan of early 90’s style emo, check this out. The EP is great and I’m hoping they release something else soon. Check out Fever Dream HERE!


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