BCW – King Woman


This weeks Band Crush Wednesday is a band that has been on very heavy rotation for me all year. Their music is incredibly beautiful and heavy all at once without one giving way to the other.

King Woman play a form of doom with heavy shoegaze elements. Featuring the soulful and gorgeous vocals of Kristina Esfandiari, King Woman for me sound like if Mazzy Star started a band with Pallbearer. It’s all slow and features some crushing riffs hidden beneath all of the shoegazey fuzz. Bassist Sky Madden and drummer Joey Raygoza provided an incredible backdrop for the lush drones, especially highlighting the song ‘King Of Swords’.

King Woman has three releases to their name: Degrida/Sick Bed single, Dove/Fond Affection single (I highly recommend Fond Affection. One of the best covers I have ever heard), and the Doubt EP, which highlights Kristina’s troubles with her religious upbringing. They’re all equally beautiful and engaging. Some of the songs, ‘Burn’ especially, have a trance like effect where I can’t focus on anything else but the song.

King Woman recently finished recording their new album set to be released sometime in the near future.

Follow King Woman at:
King Woman Bandcamp (via The Flesner)
King Woman Facebook
Kristina Esfandiari on Twitter


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