Album Review: Survey The Wreckage by Wildspeaker


Sometimes you come across a band that fits so perfectly into your life that after hearing them, you can’t fathom how you ever got through life without them. Wildspeaker fit firmly into that category for me. Everything about them speaks deeply to me. Wildspeaker’s first full length, Survey The Wreckage, have created an album that resonates with me down to my core.

Wildspeaker are from Texas and play a form of powerviolence/hardcore with lots of black metal and doom influences. The riffs are incredibly catchy and memorable and interplay well with the bass and drums, the former being a major highlight throughout the album. The drummer manages to hold all of the chaos together while switching between grindcore fast blasts and doom inspired breakdowns.

The thing that makes the album resonate with me so deeply, though, is the lyrics and vocals. Natalie sounds ferocious while screaming about how mankind is ruining the Earth. Her lyrics are inspiring and highlight a lot of problems with how people view nature and abuse the Earth without any thought as to how we’re basically shitting where we eat. “Let the lands cry out. They silently beg us to quietly retreat on hind legs. Fauna and flora grieve. We are an invasive species” from the song ‘Invasive Species’ are a prime example and one of my favorite lyrics on the album.

Wildspeaker are a band with a bright future. They have enough different influences stirred into their powerviolence to keep things interesting. The samples and segues interspersed throughout the album add a nice touch. Even after the album ends, the themes will linger with you, making you second guess some of the decisions you make. Survey The Wreckage is an instant classic in my mind and will hopefully find it’s place in the pantheon of crust and powerviolence. I hold Wildspeaker in the same high praise as His Hero Is Gone or Reversal Of Man. Pick up Survey The Wreckage and find out why.


Highlights: Survey The Wreckage, Invasive Species, Abrupt Decay, Powerlines, Reclamation.

Pick up Survey The Wreckage at Wildspeaker’s Bandcamp.


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