BCW – Monolithe


Forming in 2001, Monolithe having been releasing some of the best doom this century. Wallowing in the same slow waters as funeral doom band Skepticism (whom they covered the song ‘Edges’ for a tribute album).

Monolithe have been releasing albums since 2003, the first four of which are part of the same concept storyline. Starting with Monolithe I and ending with Monolithe IV, the story focuses on the origin of mankind while digging deeper throughout the four albums. There were also two free EP’s released online in between Monolithe II and Monolithe III.

Monolithe recently released their new album, Epsilon Aurigae, which is the first to not be a part of the origin of mankind storyline. It’s a new area for Monolithe both thematically and musically. They’ve always pushed their sound into newer territories with each release, and Epsilon Aurigae is no different. It’s still extremely slow and heavy, but with a new sense of purpose. The atmosphere on the three tracks is incredible and must be heard.

You can buy Epsilon Aurigae HERE.

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