Album Review: All Is Dust And I Am Nothing by Slaves BC

Slaves BC

Concept albums are very hit or miss. The wrong concept can ruin an otherwise great sounding album, while the right concept can elevate an album. Slaves BC’s first full length is a based on the book of Ecclesiastes, one of the stories from the Old Testament. At first glance, using a religious book as a framework for a metal band is risky because everything is supposed to be evil. But when you dig deeper into the story, it makes sense. It’s a story I was unfamiliar with before hearing the album and looking into, but it becomes clear as to why they chose it. Short story is that everything is meaningless. The one aspect of the story I really like is the imagery of nature staying as humanity marches to the grave.

All Is Dust And I Am Nothing is a bleak affair that was written over a 3-4 year span. It’s a punishing blend of hardcore, black metal, doom, with small flurries of grind in the mix. Imagine Breather Resist writing Charmer under the influence of Trap Them and High On Fire. There are pockets of slow and heavy doom to break up the intense movements of blackened hardcore.

The mixing of genre influences is one of Slaves BC’s strong points and keeps the album from becoming stale. The overall sound is incredible bleak and has an almost morose tone while still making you want to smash your house to pieces with hammers while listening to it. The song ‘All Find Their Way To The Grave’ is destined to be a live staple for sure. It’s almost five minutes of mid-paced  neackbreaker riffs that will get any crowd pumped. It works as a perfect centerpiece for the album as well.

The absolute highlight of the album is the vocals of the closing track, ‘Why Are We Here’. The vocals throughout are brutal and sound so painful that I can barely fathom them being human. The last 20-30 seconds of the album languish on these tortured vocals and guitar feedback and leaves you feeling uncomfortable and desperately wanting more. In fact, my only negative for the album is that I wish it would never end. The nine songs fly by and will leave you wanting more.

Humanity is garbage and everything is meaningless, but Slaves BC have recorded the perfect album to tide you over until the world collapses in on itself.

Album Highlights: God Has Turned His Back, All Find Their Way To The Grave, There Is Nothing For Me Here, Why Are We Here.

All Is Dust And I Am Nothing will be available for pre-order on February 1st through Veritas Vinyl with a digital release on February 16th. Visit Veritas Vinyl to grab a copy of the vinyl when it goes live. It will be a limited release and you’ll definitely want it in your collection.

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