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This week on Smartline, we’re covering a new Simpsons patch company and a new search engine that will make it possible for Simpson’s fans to always have the perfect screenshot for any situation imaginable.

First up, Gummi Venus patches!

Based in Australia, Gummi Venus are a new(er) company making Simpsons patches. Creating some of the most iconic Simpsons moments along with some really random moments to make patches, their work is excellent and are a must buy for any Simpsons fan. Here are three of my favorite:




All of these, plus about 6 more are available from Gummi Venus with more added pretty frequently. Check them out at their Big Cartel shop!


Second, the Frinkiac search engine!

A complete game changer for Simpsons fans, the Frinkiac is a new search engine that let’s you search for over 3 million screenshots from the Simpsons. All you need is a Simpsons quote and it will produce any screenshot attached to that quote. It’s amazing and I spent hours searching through the site finding some of my favorite shots. Now you never have to interact with someone through something as dumb as words again! Visit the Frinkiac HERE and say goodbye to all of your free time.


BONUS metal Smartline post: The History Of Heavy Metal Music!

I haven’t posted about metal on Smartline in quite a bit since I post a lot about it in most of the other posts on Xtapolapometal, but I recently bought a pretty great book about heavy metal that I wanted to promote. Written by The American Nihilist Underground Society with incredible design work from Jaci Kvlt, the book is extremely fascinating and beautiful to look at. The History Of Heavy Metal Music traces the influences and actions that brought heavy metal into the world unlike any book I’ve ever read. If you’re into reading about metal at all, you need this book! Pick it up from Blurb HERE!



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