Album Review: Even The Files Won’t Touch You by Fire-Toolz


Even The Files Won’t Touch You, is an album that shouldn’t work. It’s a sonic collage of madness that somehow manages to fit together 80’s pop music style keyboards, trip hop beats, song samples from everyone from Copeland and The Get Up Kids to Type O Negative and Loma Preita, harsh noise, and faint vocals that wouldn’t be out of place on any black metal album. Just let all those things sink in for a minute. The mishmash of those things working together cohesively is almost impossible. Yet, Fire-Toolz makes them all work in unison into a completely satisfying experience unlike anything I have ever heard before.
Fire-Toolz is the latest project from Angel Marcloid. Marcloid is responsible for on of my all time favorite noise projects of all time, Pregnant Spore, and the label Rainbow Bridge). I’ve followed Angel Marcloid’s work for a couple years now, and it has always been on the weird side. But Even The Files Won’t Touch You may be the weirdest and most fascinating I’ve heard yet. It’s the sound of all of her interests and former works colliding together and forming something new. There are moments of songs that are completely intricate in their collaboration between club banger beats and harsh vocals (Yellow Croc-Fire), songs that layer sound samples on top of each other in an almost Girltalk fashion (Pain Jerk-Off), and songs of almost Subdued, Mars Volta-esque soundscape (In-House Detox, Diet-Blood).
The best aspect to the album is that even after 20+ listens, I’m still picking out new things. The samples used are sometimes so minuscule that unless you’re paying close attention, they will blow right past you. There is a pretty great use of Darkest Hour as a sample, and the Type O Negative sample is so brilliant that I’d be curious as to how many people pick it out immediately.
Even The Files Won’t Touch You isn’t so much an album as an experience. It’s something that demands your full attention, and if you’re willing to give it, it’s a worthwhile endeavor. It’s the sound of someone’s life experiences being combined and expanded upon. It’s the sound of someone being completely and totally comfortable in their own skin for once.
I highly recommend sitting in the dark with headphones on and letting the full potential of Even The Files Won’t Touch You open itself up to you.

Album Highlights: The whole thing. Listen to it in full for the full experience.
You can pick up a digital copy of Even The Files Won’t Touch You HERE along with a remix album entitles Further Down The Files HERE.  You can also follow Fire-Toolz on Facebook HERE, as well as a Tumblr HERE.

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