Otto’s Band Of The Week


It’s very, very rare that I will check out a band based on a “For fans of” recommendation, but if one of those bands is The Cure, I will almost always at least give it a listen. Luckily, Dead Register was promoted to me as “Neurosis meets The Cure.” While that’s a bit of an over exaggeration, I was pleasantly surprised by what I heard.


Dead Register, from Atlanta, Georgia, are a post punk, goth, doomy three piece that could easily appeal to anyone into Joy Division, Hum, or Jesu. As opposed to The Cure reference, I’d describe them as what A Perfect Circle covering Wavering Radiant era Isis might sound like. They’ve perfected a sound that is heavy, sad, melodic, and often incredible moving.
The trio are set to release their first full length, Fiber, on May 6th. The six songs on Fiber are wonderful and features some of the best gloomy post punk songs this side of the 1980’s. The vocals are full-on Ian Curtis worship and work really well with the often heavy guitar and bass work. Lyrically, Fiber is described by the band as “Centered around the dynamics of human relationships, particularly those of love and loss.”
Fiber is up for pre-order on Bandcamp right HERE. It’s completely enthralling and fantastic, full of somber melodies and gorgeous drum work. Fiber is highly recommended if you like rad music.
Fiber is out May 6th through AVR Records .

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