Album Review: Igorrr- Savage Sinusoid


Savage Sinusoid is hands down the weirdest album I have ever heard. Gautier Serre, the mastermind behind Igorrr, was one of the people behind Whourkr which is how I originally discovered him. Their album, Concrete, is a favorite of mine. So, when I realized he was responsible for Igorrr, I eagerly dove into his latest bit of insanity. And I was not disappointed.

Savage Sinusoid is like if someone took Disco Volante era Mr. Bungle, death metal, opera, breakcore, and grind into a blender that was then jammed directly into your ears. There are moments of blast beats giving way to operatic singing and 8-bit dance music.  I think at one point there is an sitar thrown in? The harsh vocals are all gibberish sounds, reminiscent of Adult Themes For Voice era Mike Patton set to music. There is even a nice mellow track, Problem D’emotion, towards the middle that showcases the wonderful operatic vocals (I believe provided by Laure Le Prunenec) and offers a breather from the insanity of the rest of the album.

The complex compositions found on Savage Sinusoid often feature genres that are at odds, fighting each other head on to create magic. One of the major standout parts of the album for me is the song Spaghetti Forever, which opens with some clean acoustic guitar leading into a cool dance beat before diving headfirst into full blown controlled metal chaos. It sounds like something Naked City would come up with if they were all fed acid for a week and then thrown into a recording bender.

Travis Ryan from Cattle Decapitation guests on three of the tracks, providing his unmistakable vocals into the mélange of craziness. Hearing Ryan growl over an accordion is something I never ever thought I would hear, let alone fall completely in love with. Which, I guess, could be said for just about every other sound on Savage Sinusoid. Nothing about this album should work at all, yet it somehow coalesces into one of the most incredible and weird albums I’ve ever heard. It’s even more impressive that there are no samples on the album, meaning Gautier Serre and his guest physically created everything you hear on the album.

Savage Sinusoid is a complete masterpiece. It’s one of the most engaging and demanding albums I’ve heard in a long time and makes me long for the days when I first discovered John Zorn, Mike Patton’s work outside of Faith No More, or Yamantaka Eye. It’s an album you have to pay attention to while listening. Now, I can’t wait to dive into Igorrr’s previous albums and just wallow around in the chaos for awhile.

Savage Sinusoid is out now on Metal Blade Records. You can pick it up on Bandcamp HERE. Physical copies can be picked up HERE via Metal Blade.


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