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Starting this week, I’m retiring the Band Crush Wednesday tag as a way to incorporate more Simpsons into the page. So, from now on, I’ll be doing ‘Otto’s Band Of The Week’. This weeks band is California’s doom metal practitioners, Pendulous.

I actually discovered Pendulous through the Full Metal Hipster podcast and immediately fell in love with their My Dying Bride meets post punk take on gothic doom. Their songs are slow and mournful and often times beautiful. I don’t want to play the My Dying Bride comparison up too much, but fans of theirs will fall in love with Pendulous immediately.
Forming in 2011, Pendulous have two releases under their belts: 2013’s Mirrored Confessions EP, and 2015’s A Palpable Sense Of Love And Lost full length. Both albums are excellent showcases of what can be done with funeral doom when you incorporate other elements less expected from a metal band. The bass often times sounds like mid-80’s Cure, especially Faith era. There are occasional fast and almost upbeat sounding moments, like the beginning of ’40 Years’.
It’s odd to think about a band like Pendulous being from California and not Europe. They’re sound is so drenched in European in melancholy that it’s hard to picture them wondering around Los Angeles at all. But is gothic/funeral doom is your thing, you’d be hard pressed to find a band doing it as well as Pendulous right now.
At the time of this post, Pendulous has both of their albums on Bandcamp for Pay What You Want. But throw these dudes some money if you can. 

BCW -Okto Media

OktoMediaThis week, instead of highlighting a band, I wanted to post about my favorite noise label, Okto Media. Stationed in Dayton, Ohio, Okto Media focuses on the weird and unique in harsh noise. Ranging from harsh noise walls to almost dance-able noise, there is something from everyone interested in noise.

Some of my favorite releases from Okto Media are:
Pregnant Spore- Chest Absence
Authority- Protect Us, O Lord
Gluttoness- Self-titled 2xCassettee
Medical Mechanica- Water Mammals
Foresight- Time Dude
Hoggle- The Oubliette
mASScOMM- Present/Future Shock

Check out Okto Media and most of their releases on their Bandcamp HERE!

Band Crush Wednesday

simpsons bowie

I’ve been working on this for 2 days, trying to articulate what I feel, and still don’t know what exactly to say. This weeks Band Crush Wednesday is David Bowie, for obvious reasons. I’m still in shock and very mournful about his death. Bowie, along with The Cure, are the two longest lasting musical imprints on my life. My mom listened to both while she was pregnant with me and both have lasted with me to this day. A lot of people way more eloquent than I have written much better things on the man and his music, so I won’t try. If you have listened to David Bowie, you know. If you haven’t, I urge you to jump into his vast and amazing discography.

Life On Mars?

I’m Afraid Of Americans

Rebel Rebel


And finally, as a fitting tribute, this is Seu Jorge playing Life On Mars?, which is one of my all time favorite covers.

BCW – Monolithe


Forming in 2001, Monolithe having been releasing some of the best doom this century. Wallowing in the same slow waters as funeral doom band Skepticism (whom they covered the song ‘Edges’ for a tribute album).

Monolithe have been releasing albums since 2003, the first four of which are part of the same concept storyline. Starting with Monolithe I and ending with Monolithe IV, the story focuses on the origin of mankind while digging deeper throughout the four albums. There were also two free EP’s released online in between Monolithe II and Monolithe III.

Monolithe recently released their new album, Epsilon Aurigae, which is the first to not be a part of the origin of mankind storyline. It’s a new area for Monolithe both thematically and musically. They’ve always pushed their sound into newer territories with each release, and Epsilon Aurigae is no different. It’s still extremely slow and heavy, but with a new sense of purpose. The atmosphere on the three tracks is incredible and must be heard.

You can buy Epsilon Aurigae HERE.

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BCW – Mi’raj Aswad


Digging through Bandcamp one day, I stumbled across the debut EP from Mi’raj Aswad, a black metal band from Singapore. The EP immediately caught my attention and engrossed me with their form of black metal that would fit perfectly alongside early Alcest, Heretoir, and Ghost Bath. I don’t know much about the band, as it seem that they are another black metal band shrouded in secrecy (band members are listed as F., (S.), and some weird X with a triangle symbol). But their music speaks for itself.

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BCW – Un


Un are a funeral doom band with some heavy sludge elements that I recently discovered and have completely fell in love with. I can’t find a whole lot of information about them as their name makes it almost impossible to search. I know they’re from Seattle and features a member of the phenomenal Samothrace.  So far, they’ve released one demo and a self-titled EP. Their first full length, The Tomb Of All Things, is set to be released on December 4th, via Black Bow Records. I’ve listened to the album at least once a day since receiving the promo and can say it’s definitely one of the top 10 albums I’ve heard this year. It’s extremely slow and crushing, but has a nice sense of melody that makes everything incredibly memorable.

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BCW – King Woman


This weeks Band Crush Wednesday is a band that has been on very heavy rotation for me all year. Their music is incredibly beautiful and heavy all at once without one giving way to the other.

King Woman play a form of doom with heavy shoegaze elements. Featuring the soulful and gorgeous vocals of Kristina Esfandiari, King Woman for me sound like if Mazzy Star started a band with Pallbearer. It’s all slow and features some crushing riffs hidden beneath all of the shoegazey fuzz. Bassist Sky Madden and drummer Joey Raygoza provided an incredible backdrop for the lush drones, especially highlighting the song ‘King Of Swords’.

King Woman has three releases to their name: Degrida/Sick Bed single, Dove/Fond Affection single (I highly recommend Fond Affection. One of the best covers I have ever heard), and the Doubt EP, which highlights Kristina’s troubles with her religious upbringing. They’re all equally beautiful and engaging. Some of the songs, ‘Burn’ especially, have a trance like effect where I can’t focus on anything else but the song.

King Woman recently finished recording their new album set to be released sometime in the near future.

Follow King Woman at:
King Woman Bandcamp (via The Flesner)
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Kristina Esfandiari on Twitter

BCW – Ethicist


A little over a week ago, I went to see Yob. One of their openers was a local band I had never heard of named Ethicist. The completely blew me away. Especially knowing they were only 45 minutes away and I had never even heard their name before.

Ethicist play a thoughtful and emotionally heavy form of black metal in the vein of a less long winded Wolves In The Throne Room. Their songs are volatile and immensely heavy.

So far, Ethicist have released one self-titled demo EP on cassette. Their second cassette release is set to be released on Grimoire Cassette Cvlture (also on vinyl through Phratry Records).

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BCW – Regnvm Animale


Fan of black metal? Crust? D-beat? Punk? How about what Darkthrone has been doing for the last couple of years? Then Regnvm Animale might be right up your alley.

Regnvm Animale are a two piece from Sweden. Their melodic take on black metal and crust is invigorating. They also have a good amount of melody that makes their songs memorable. Especially when it comes to their riffs and added use of folk music. Their take on black metal has a bit of a Refused feel to me, that could be the Swedish lyrics, but it totally works. Regnvm Animale’s albums are a fun listen, even with the lyrics revolving around the downfall of civilization and what it’s like to be human in the world today.

Having released their second full length, Et sic in infinitum, in October, now is a good time to check them out. The album boils down to old school d-beat and punk played through a black metal filter and works so well. Both of their albums are Pay What You Want on Bandcamp, so you have no excuses. Don’t sleep on these guys.

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BCW – Axeslasher


Horror movies and heavy metal have always gone hand in hand. Horror movies are a major influence on most metal bands lyrics, especially death and thrash metal. Movies have also started to take influences from metal. A movie like Deathgasam, which features this weeks Band Crush Wednesday band on the soundtrack, is so steeped in heavy metal culture. When a band is heavily invested in horror themes, some great work can come out of it.

Axeslasher is a thrash metal band from Denver, Colorado, that takes it’s horror and metal seriously, while still realizing how goofy a lot of it can be. A song like ‘Invasion Of The Babesnatchers’ doesn’t come along without someone who understands that you can love something dearly and still poke fun at it. Axeslasher ride that line perfectly. Their first album, Anthology Of Terror, Vol. 1, is a good mix of circle pit inducing riffs and lyrics ranging from sci-fi/horror movie goodness to real life serial killer inspirations. It’s an ode to all things metal and gory.

Axeslasher also has some of the best merch. Everyone should definitely go to their website (link at the bottom) and buy an “Eat Pizza And Worship Satan” t-shirt.

Justin, the main man behind Axeslasher, recently had his second apperance on the Full Metal Hipster podcast. You can listen to that HERE!

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