New Dr. Colossus Song!

Dr. Colossus just dropped a new track entitled “Stupid Sexy Flanders.” It’s pretty excellent, as all of their stuff is. Check it out above or on Soundcloud!

“Born to freaky beatniks
Lacking discipline
8 whole months of beatings
Forced the anger in
Stupid Sexy Flanders,
Republican at best
Politically to the right
Dexterity to the left
Stupid Sexy Flanders
Repressing all his hate
Even Marge won’t hesitate to
Twist that bottle in his face
Bless thy precious Rod,
Bless thy precious Todd,
Praise you mighty God
But please don’t ever forget Maude
Diligence and chewing
God will bless the meek
Underneath that sweater
A warriors physique
Stupid Sexy Flanders
Catholic and devout
With two hundred and thirty TV stations
All locked out”


Ned Flanders metal!

Earlier in the week, the fine people at Film Springfield tipped me off to a new metal/hardcore band out of Phoenix called Okilly Dokilly. Taking inspiration from everyone’s favorite overly Christian neighborino, Okilly Dokilly are the “world’s first Nedal band.” And although not everyone in the band is left handed, you should definitely check them out anyway.


Okilly Dokilly Bandcamp
Okilly Dokilly Facebook
Okilly Dokilly Twitter