Smartline this week is a video I don’t really know anything about, but is pretty cool and weird. Apparently it was originally supposed to be part of a Simpsons tribute that was never completed. But this VHS style craziness by Yanno Hervo was finished and it’s awesome. It reminds me of the old Liquid Television days. Shout out to Dan Jackson for pointing this out to me.




The Simpsons: Patches & pins from Mike McCabe


Mike McCabe has a handful of really awesome patches and pins that he designed for sale. Including this amazing Moe “Hang In There” patch, you’ll find a heavy metal looking patch for Kirk Van Houten’s ‘Can I Borrow A Feeling?’ cassette, a patch of alien Mr. Burn that says “I Bring You Love”, a pin of the gummy Venus De Milo, and even a replica Bort liscence plate. You can check them all out at Mike McCabe’s Big Cartel!

The Metal: Expiring Sun

expiring sun

Expiring Sun is the name that encompasses all of the work done by Brandon Duncan. His work includes artwork, music, and a cassette tape label, all of which are incredible. I highly recommend his industrial music under the name Sterilizer. I suggest checking out his website because there is just way too much amazing stuff to go into here. You can check it all out at Expiring Sun!



The Metal: Nine Circles


Nine Circles is a site that focuses on all things metal. Featuring news, reviews, interviews, weekly columns, and a podcast. It’s all excellent stuff and one of the few metal sites I visit regularly. Check them out HERE!

The Simpsons: Thrillhaus

Thrillhaus is the work of Philly tattoo artist Pat Attack (Pat Whelan). He designs and sells some rad Simpsons themed patches, shirts, stickers, and buttons. Some of his work mashes together The Smiths and Smithers, Milhouse and Bauhaus, Homer and Ambeix, Chief Wiggum and Black Flag. One of my favorite is this patch of Moe’s No Funeral sign. If your battle jacket needs a touch of Simpsons on it, you can’t go wrong with any of the stuff on Thrillhaus!

Check it all out at Thrillhaus!



The Simpsons: Everything’s Coming Up Podcast!


Everything’s Coming Up Podcast is a podcast all about nerding out over The Simpsons. Hosted by Allie Goertz and Julia Prescott, each episode of the podcast focuses on an episode of The Simpsons, picked by whoever the guest is. The episodes are incredibly fun listens. You can tell the hosts and guest love nothing more than talking about The Simpsons. The ‘Mother Simpson’ episode is especially great. And most episodes end with them asking a “Krusty Q”, which they usually ask on Facebook and Twitter, and reading the answers on the show. I love this podcast so much. Check it out and download episodes HERE!

Follow them on Twitter HERE!

Follow them on Facebook HERE!

Instead of a metal section this week, I thought I’d add an extra Simpsons section and stick with the Everything’s Coming Up Podcast theme. Allie Goertz is also a songwriter and has written a couple songs based on The Simpsons.

This video is for a song called ‘Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse.’ It has become my favorite Simpsons themed song I’ve heard. It captures the feel of the show perfectly, with a good dose of humor and heart. The line “you’re so vacant, Milhouse. You could be ol’ Gil’s house” gets me every time. Allie has a bunch of videos on her YouTube Channel. You can also check out her first album at her Bandcamp.



First off, Alex Rocco passed away this weekend. Simpsons fans will know him as the voice of Roger Meyers, Jr. You can read a nice piece about him at Film Springfield.

The Simpsons:
Smartline this week is a short post just to help push these cool, limited edition archival quality Giclee prints from Gooney Toons. Limited to 15 prints each, one in green and one in pink, you should hop on these quick, because they won’t be available long. Featuring Homer and John (played by John Waters) from the season 8 episode Homerphobia. Buy it at Gooney Tunes Big Cartel!


The metal:

For the metal section this week, I’m asking for some help from the readers of this site. I’m working on a new weekly segment about metal/punk/hardcore/whatever songs that feature samples or lyrics referencing The Simpsons. I’m looking to start posting the new segment sometime in August, so if you know of any songs, comment on this post or tweet at me at @xtapolapometal. I’ll do my best to credit whoever points towards particular songs.



The Metal: Black Yo)))ga


Black Yo)))ga is a yoga group that focuses on vinyasa yoga set to drone, noise, stoner metal, ambient, industrial, and other traditional meditation music. “Our goal is to spread the benefits of yoga to a nearly untouched demographic, people like us, the underground art and music communities. People who may battle depression, anxiety, alcoholism, drug addiction, trauma/PTSD, phobias, dark passengers, etc. People who may not feel they fit into the typical yoga classes” says the groups founders, Kimee and Scott Massie. Creating a soundtrack with bands like Om, Sunn O))), Dark Space, and Earth, Black Yo)))ga sets up inside mom and pop grocery stores, parks, and punk/metal venues for their classes. Currently, classes are off because they’re in the process of releasing a DVD/CD set through Screaming Crow Records.

Check out Black Yo)))ga at:
Black Yo)))ga

The Simpsons: Simpsons Shirts from Bigger Than Jesus

I discovered these shirts on Instagram and thought I’d share them because they’re pretty genius. Featuring Simpsons versions of Black Flag, Sonic Youth, The Descendents, Joy Division, and Dr. Dre, you can view them all HERE!






Welcome to Smartline! The time I’m going to be posting about metal trivia and a Simpsons podcast trying to find the worst episode of the show ever.

The Metal: Skull Toaster


Skull Toaster is metal trivia created by Seth Werkheiser. It consists of an interactive Twitter account and a nightly email with a more in depth answer to the trivia question. There have been over 700 questions sent out about everyone from old school metal like Anthrax and Megadeth to newer bands like Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Converge. Periodically, there will even be giveaways for answering questions right through the Twitter account. Recent giveaways have included CD copies of High On Fire’s Luminiferous and Royal Thunder’s Crooked Doors.

Seth has even started a physical mail pen pal list where he’ll match you up with someone else signed up for the list. To find out more about the Heavy Metal Pen Pal Club, you can find more into HERE.

You can find out everything about Skull Toaster and it’s contributors at the Skull Toaster website. Also, if you like what you see and feel generous, you can support Seth’s work with Skull Toaster by backing his Patreon!

The Simpsons: Worst Episode Ever Podcast

Worst Episode Ever is a podcast “for people who love The Simpsons about how much we hate The Simpsons.” Hosted by Dan and Jack, the podcast focuses on ‘post-classic episodes’, namely seasons 11 to current, all in the goal to find the worst episode of the show. So far the show has done 37 episodes of The Simpsons (and one episode of Empty Nest) including some fan’s least favorites like Lisa Goes Gaga, The Man Who Came To Be Dinner, and Saddlesore Galactica. I adore this podcast. It’s funny, smart, and sometimes totally off the wall.

You can find out all about Worst Episode Ever HERE, including their Twitter and Facebook accounts and how to help Dan and Jack fund the podcast.



Since there is no interview this week, I thought I would post about some cool things being done in the world of metal and the Simpsons. These are all things I think are worth your time and/or money. If you’re a fan of this site at all, you’ll definitely find something you’ll like in this list. Anytime I do this, I’ll try to limit it to 2 or 3 each from metal and Simpsons related things, that way it’s not a big overload all at once. I hope you find something you like!

Black Metal Of The Americas

bmotaBlack Metal Of The Americas is a Chicago based zine focusing on the black metal scene in North and South America. Featuring interviews with bands, album reviews, and essays, the 75-80 page zine is always full of great, well written material. They recently released issue 8, which features interviews with members of Vattnet Viskar, Immortal Bird, Vile Creature, Woman Is The Earth, and artist Chuck BB. You can pick up a physical copy for just $5 and even free PDF files. Grab a copy HERE!

Full Metal Hipster


Full Metal Hipster is a podcast by Shayne Mathis. A complete labor of love for Shayne, the podcast is a mix of music and interviews, the podcast is a way for Shayne to support the underground metal scene and the bands he likes. Featuring interviews with Paul from Twilight Fauna, Dustin from Old Thunder, Dan Jackson from Void Ritual, Justin Lascelle from Axeslasher, Vic and KW from Vile Creature, and Ed from Black Metal Of The Americas, it’s always a fascinating listen. There are also a couple of episodes that Shayne does solo, just him talking about and playing songs from some of his favorite up and coming bands. You can check out the podcast HEREShayne was even nice enough to have me on episode 9 to talk about Xtapolapometal and all things The Simpsons!

Metalcakes/Faberge Egg Salad

Metalcakes logo

Metalcakes is a blog of cupcake recipes inspired by metal bands/music. Created by Kathy Bejma, the blog features lots of information about the bands on top of the recipes and instructions on the cupcakes Kathy creates. It’s also nice that she sometimes adds vegan alternatives to some of the recipes. Most recent cupcake recipes are inspired by Inter Arma, Jex Thoth, Bolt Thrower, Entombed, Hellhammer, and Axeslasher (the Axeslaher one is actually a pizza cupcake!). You can check out Metalcakes HERE!


Kathy Bejma also has a blog called Faberge Egg Salad that consists of recipes to make different foods found on The Simpsons. Featuring recipes for Marge’s Homemade Pepsi, The Flaming Homer, Dr. Hibber’s ‘Wowwipops’, and Homer’s Patented Space-Age Out Of This World Moon Waffle. Kathy also marks some of the recipes that are vegetarian as “Lisa Friendly”, which is genius. You can check out Faberge Edd Salad HERE! 

As a bonus, I wanted to share a benefit released on Bandcamp this week in support of the Nepal Earthquake Relief. For only $1, you get 18 songs from bands from Nepal, including this weeks Band Crush Wednesday, Dying Out Flame. It’s a great compilation for a great cause. Check it out and donate HERE!