Friends Of Xtapolapometal

This is a list of awesome people doing awesome things. Will probably be updated frequently, so check back often!

The Simpsons:
Dead Homer Society – Simpsons quotes and news
Flim Springfield – A site about all things Simpsons
Everything’s Coming Up Podcast! – A podcast all about nerding out over the Simpsons
Worst Episode Ever – A podcast trying to find the worst episode of The Simpsons
Faberge Egg Salad – Recipes inspired by food from The Simpsons. From Kathy of Metal Cakes fame.

The Metal:
Full Metal Hipster – A podcast hosted by Shayne Mathis, all about awesome metal
Nine Circles – A blog about all things metal
Skull Toaster – Nerdy metal trivia
Black Metal & Brews – As the name implies, metal and brews
Black Metal Of The Americas – A physical zine about black metal in North and South America
Metal Cakes – Cupcake recipes inspired by metal bands

Simpsons Related Music:
Dr. Colossus – Australian doom metal all about The Simpsons
Rich Texan – Dayton, Ohio punk band all about The Simpsons
Allie Goertz – Singer/songwriter of nerdy love songs, incuding ‘Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse’


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